Scrapbooking SOS - is all about why I scrapbook. I scrap for me, my sanity and
for my creativity. Of course, my family benefits from it too.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Nineteen

Sunday December 25th - I am grateful Santa was able to get everything done!

Monday December 26th - I am grateful that the kids enjoyed what Santa brought them!
Tuesday December 27th - I am grateful that we have so much to eat and plans to eat more! Not sure if my stomach fills the same!
Wednesday December 28th - I am grateful for another family dinner.
Thursday December 29th - I am grateful for a save trip a 3rd way across the island! 
Friday December 30th - I am grateful for our healthy 10 week old pup.
Saturday December 31th - I am grateful for restored power by 11:15pm and a bunch of firework displays surrounding us!

Friday, December 30, 2011

If It's Groovy: Friday Night Sketch (and Layout) with Michelle

If It's Groovy: Friday Night Sketch (and Layout) with Michelle: When I started my Nephew's page I had 2 different photos to use. One more formal and another showing some personality. I ended up using the ...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Coming Soon! IIG Birthday Blog Hop

If It's Groovy will be having it's Birthday and we are celebrating with a Blog Hop! Starting soon in January at midnight.

Check out the link over at IF IT'S GROOVY to follow the line-up.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Eighteen

Sunday December 18th - I am grateful to have some family time with just my the ones that live in this house!

Monday December 19th - I am grateful that I got some things done today!
Tuesday December 20th - I am grateful that we have plans made!
Wednesday December 21st - I am grateful to tackle our list! 
Thursday December 22nd - I am grateful to have excitement through the house!
Friday December 23rd - I am grateful for checked off items on our lists and to do lists!
Saturday December 24th - I am grateful it is here!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Cricut Cartridge Storage Solution

Cricut Cartridge, Book and Overlay Storage all-in-one Solution

I had seen a similar solution done a photo box and a separate box for the cartridges using cut plastic canvas to separate the cartridges.
I had a empty plastic storage box I wasn't using. I put the books in with the overlays behind each the book in alphabetical order. (The one I seen used the dividers that come with a photo box to label each book and overlay combo.) I found an empty checkbook box that I had and it worked perfect for the cartridges.

Here is a picture to show what I am talking about.

The checkbook box with the lid on slides in perfectly behind the books and overlays. Put the lid on and it's dust free, portable and more compact than anything else I have seen!

Just thought now that I should have took a pic of the box in behind the books, BUT you get the idea!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Snowing Again!!!!!

We had our first Newfoundland snowfall on October 28th! Since we have hard numerous flakes fall. Some have made their way to the ground, some stuck and other accumulated! The kids got to make their first snowman of the season, which I just love! I favor snowmen over Santa, gingerbread people, elves, reindeer and all other Christmas/Winter Season decor.

So, to celebrate my 1 year blog-anniversary at the end of January. I will be doing a blog hop with Snowmen in mind!

Please come back and visit! I am working on all various forms of crafting to be included!
Since I have little ones I thought having a variety would be great fun for what is looking to be a long winter, here!

Come Back and Hop Starting Friday, January 27th through Sunday, January 29th!

A Great Big THANK YOU to Sue in CT
who made me a great blog badge/button for the hop!

So, grab it and post! See you back here on the 27th!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Liftateers - Year 3, Week #15

Here is the inspiration for this week from Lynn #2244

My page with a single picture on top and accordion folded underneath to include more pictures.

Liftateers - Year 3, Week #14

Here is this weeks inspiration from Jenifer #679

Here what I came up with:

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Seventeen

Sunday December 11th - I am grateful that Poppy's Sheep are all together now, off the island!

Monday December 12th - I am grateful that the kiddos have a place to run around and have fun inside!
Tuesday December 13th - I am grateful snowy days!
Wednesday December 14th - I am grateful for the Christmas Playgroup Party tomorrow! The kids love the Playgroup. 
Thursday December 15th - I am grateful for a night at the movies!
Friday December 16th - I am grateful that my kids have some imagination and can somewhat play on their own....I got a lot to do!
Saturday December 17th - I am grateful for a Pancake Breakfast with Santa!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Paper Secrets Stamp Challenge Winner!

cheer Yay, Congrats ! excited Michelle you are the winner of this challenge! cheer

Using a Close To My Heart Stamp called, Beautiful Things I created my own page using the stamp set exclusively!
Garden Green Cardstock, Bamboo Cardstock Scraps, Cocoa Ink, Creative Basics scraps all from Close To My Heart

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Sixteen

Sunday December 4th - I am grateful for my daughter's creativity and ingenuity.

Monday December 5th - I am grateful beautiful sunsets.
Tuesday December 6th - I am grateful Christmas movies, so I can cuddle up on the couch with my little ones.
Wednesday December 7th - I am grateful that my daughter wants to help around the house. Today was making her own bed complete with all her stuffed animals.
 Thursday December 8th - I am grateful for my 8 year old nephew & how my son looks at him as his best buddy!
Friday December 9th - I am grateful that our 13 year old Beagle puts up with the kids and tries his best to be a good sport in his old age. Reminds me of the dog in the Grinch!
 Saturday December 10th - I am grateful we have broken through the wall to the basement apartment!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Liftateers - Year 3, Week #13

Here is mine lift:

Here is a shot of the tickets with the info hidden under the Program cover for the show.

Lifted from Lesley #1881

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Seventeen

Sunday November 27th - I am grateful for a great dinner at my Sister-In-Law's!

Monday November 28th - I am grateful that my husband has work to go to right away!
Tuesday November 29th - I am grateful to have a day of rest!
Wednesday November 30th - I am grateful for another Zumba night!
Thursday December 1st -  I am grateful that there is only 24 more sleeps until chaos!
Friday December 2nd - I am grateful to have hubby home on a Saturday, finally!
Saturday December 3rd - I am grateful for a Poppy that takes his grandson whenever!

Friday, December 2, 2011

If It's Groovy - Out of Focus Challenge

This challenge was a little out of the norm in that you should find a way to take a pic out of focus and turn that pic(s) into a layout. Well, I just happened to be scrapbooking our annual trips to PA. My Aunt and Uncle's property, which has a pond that is stocked full of fish. My husband, Gerry happened to finally in his element and I took a pic. Well, the picture below is what I ended up with. It's blurry but one of the best "Peace at Last" pictures I currently have.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My NJ Scrappy Friend - Jen's Challenge at Sketches 4 All

My NJ Scrappy Friend, Jen posted a challenge at Sketches 4 All

Here is my take for the challenge! I am still searching for the photo I was going to use....I found it a few weeks ago before I went to a weekend retreat and now it's lost and I dug through everything!

Here is the link: jen t's challenges - give thanks or thankful for November challenge

Journaling says: 
Thanksgiving usually revolves around the food in our family. There is always dips & chips, cheese, pepperoni & crackers to munch on while everyone arrives. Stuffed Mushrooms & Shrimp Cocktail appear for appetizers. Because the huge piled up Antipasto is just not enough! The Antipasto is bought to the table & everyone sits mouths watering waiting to dig in! BUT 1st Grace is said! About being thankful for the abundance of food about to be consumed and recent blessings, health & well wishes of members missing. Then comes the Pasta entree usually the most indulgent sort: Stuffed Shells or Lasagna. Of course, with Meatballs & Sausages, extra gravy & garlic bread too! Then the Turkey arrives with all the trimmings: Stuffing, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes/Yams, Green Bean Casserole, Carrots, Cranberry Sauce and Biscuits. Oh! and another vegetable or two! Then you do finally get a break for a while! Coffee is brewed, Tea is set and out comes the pies, etc. Always an Apple & Pumpkin Pie & Cheesecake too! Even a Pecan Pie on occasion! So are you full yet?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tami's November Color Challenge {Heavy Metal} at Fiskateers

So, I got to add a few things to my Christmas wishlist. 
After using my Gold metallic pigment ink for stamping my leaves. A new gold ink pad is added to the wishlist. The color didn't really come up as gold metallic as I wished, so I added Gold Stickles to the stamped leaves. The Gold mesh was actually a roll of ribbon I picked up at Michael's recently. I just stitched in on in a few spots using gold embriodery floss. I used the same floss for the words "Happy Fall" on the sentiment. Added a few felt acorns.

So, last night we had family dinner at Kim's (my Sister-in-law) this was the card I made for her. My mind has been so crazy and in a million different direction lately. Well, I had the leaves to attach yet because I add added the Stickles and they needed to dry. I said to my Husband, Gerry. "Let go finish up the card." I also put a stamp on the back of my cards that I make a give out. Kinda like a Hallmark seal, BUT it is mine!

Well, I brought the card up to give the ink some time to dry before sicking in the envelope. 
So, guess what I ended up doing....
I have to say it might be in the genes passed down from my Mom, because I received my Birthday card from Mom and Dad last month. She forgot to sign it!
Well, I top her I left the entire inside blank!!!!
Thankfully, we were the first ones there and when Kim opened the inside she joked with me and said, "It's beautiful did you make this one, maybe you can sign it!" and came over to show me the empty inside!  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Liftateers - Year 3, Week #12

Totally missed out on this one! I had so much going on this week and hubby was away to boot! I really want to do this lift based on the journaling. I love it now just to come up with something once I have a pic in mind to scrap the lift!

Here is the page we were lifting this week from Sarah #4363

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Sixteen

Sunday November 20th - I am grateful that my mother-in-law's fall was not seriously injuring!

Monday November 21st - I am grateful for my compassion and caring also not afraid to show it!
Tuesday November 22nd - I am grateful for friendships made and how those can amaze you!
Wednesday November 23rd - I am grateful for all my husband has done and for his safe arrival!
Thursday November 24th -  I am grateful for a beautiful view to wake up to....snow covering everything and it's still falling!
Friday November 25th - I am grateful for good driving weather for my husband on his way to us!
Saturday November 26th - I am grateful for hubby getting home safe and sound! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If It's Groovy: Michelle's Little Pumpkin

If It's Groovy: Michelle's Little Pumpkin: Oh how I love "Baby Days" when we can and do take pics of our little babies in many places :) Gosh they are so cute, just like this precious...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Fifteen

Sunday November 13th - I am grateful for nice day to drive home from my 1st Scrapbook Retreat in Newfoundland!

Monday November 14th - I am grateful for a full day with my Hubby before he is off the NJ for at least 10 days!
Tuesday November 15th - I am grateful for a safe flight Hubby landed safety in NJ!
Wednesday November 16th - I am grateful a good night's sleep. Hate to say it, BUT with one in the bed so much more rest! Still love you hubby!
Thursday November 17th -  I am grateful to be making progress on long overdue moving complications!
Friday November 18th - I am grateful for a playdate for the kids and some Mommy time all in one!
Saturday November 19th - I am grateful a relaxing night after cleaning up most of the day! 

Journaling challenges at Fiskateers

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but if you peek into my scrapbook, most of the pages I have completed are missing something - the journaling!  I have yet to figure out why I can spend hours putting together a page, but I dread spending half an hour adding the journaling to it.  I know that I’m not the only one out there with the same problem, because this issue has come up many times in conversations I’ve had about scrapbooking.  It’s not that I can’t remember what happened, or that I’m not comfortable with my writing skills.  I think it’s that I feel like I’m taking the same tired approach every time I start to document the page.  “We did this and that, blah, blah, blah, on this date.”  BORING!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

If It's Groovy: A Liftateer Project :)

If It's Groovy: A Liftateer Project :): I believe I have mentioned that I have a few groups going on the Fiskateer message board known as The Liftateers and Card Lifters. Michelle ...

Back from my 1st Scrapbooking Retreat in Newfoundland!

Got a bunch of things done and started. Met a bunch of great people and had a good time. So, glad I went!
Stay tuned I will be updating in the next few days some of the things I did! And few were for If It's Groovy. So, I will keep you posted when they will appear!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Fourteen

Sunday November 6th - I am grateful for nice day with the family!
Monday November 7th - I am grateful for movies, a comfy couch, blankets, hot cocoa and my two little ones right along side me!
Tuesday November 8th - I am grateful for a night out!
Wednesday November 9th - I am grateful a beautiful FALL day!
Thursday November 10th -  I am grateful healthy kids and the playgroup!
Friday November 11th - I am grateful for the opportunity to attend a Scrapbooking Retreat tomorrow and Sunday!
Saturday November 12th - I am grateful the Scrapbook Retreat, today and an long overdue Pedicure appointment! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fiskateers November Photo Challenge

I wanted to get some great fall shots of the leaves changing color, but the only time I seen something really worth the "Thankful Challenge" view I didn't have my camera with me!

So, after a drive to get the kids to nap after a bunch of silliness I came up with another plan!

November Photo - Thankful for the "SOUND these make in MY HOUSE"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Liftateers - Year 3, Week #10

Here is my Week 10:
I am surprised at this one. I never used this color combo and really wanted the orange/yellow for the sunset to show and the blue/green for the water and icebergs.

 Lettering on translucent silvery winter vellum.

This was the page to be lifted from Sherri #7899

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Thirteen

Sunday October 30th - I am grateful for a fun and delicious planned Halloween themed dinner. My 1st homemade pea soup - only two bowls were left! Make your own sand witch's (see Sand Witch's blog post) and mummy hot dogs that were lucky they got on the serving plate! Fun Witch's Brew Cupcakes and family! Oh, and thanks to my Sister-in-Law, Kim we had Served Finger Punch. Should got a picture! The ice hand she made lost a finger!
Monday October 31st - I am grateful for a cold, BUT fun Halloween for the kids.
Tuesday November 1st - I am grateful for my daughter's love of the Play Group, even when she is under the weather!
Wednesday November 2nd - I am grateful that the bird's found our seed sock after we added a suet cage to the tree! Hoping to catch some pics!
Thursday November 3rd -  I am grateful for Children's Tylenol, both kiddos have a fever and runny noses!
Friday November 4th - I am grateful for appetites, even if it is leaning towards Halloween candy! Kiddos at least have their appetites back!
Saturday November 5th - I am grateful for winning a snow boot hunt! 

If It's Groovy: My Scrappy Style: Michelle

If It's Groovy: My Scrappy Style: Michelle: Have you determined what your scrapbooking style is? Well, I have thought about it before, but never thought of one style. BUT after look...

Check it out on If It's Groovy for all the details!

Friday, November 4, 2011

If It's Groovy: Friday Night Sketch with Michelle

If It's Groovy: Friday Night Sketch with Michelle: Ready for the weekend? I will be off scrapbooking a few hours from my home and can use some sketches to take along. You too? Here is one fro...
Check out If It's Groovy for more Sketches.
Here is a page I created using my Sketch

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Half Moon Witch Light Fixture Cover Up

I have a light fixture in my Kitchen that has been missing the glass cover. I know it was missing last Summer when we stayed in my Father-in-Law's rental house and well... Put it this way if the mechanics of something is working properly that is all that matters!
So, here is what you see if you look up:
Oh, so pretty right!

So, Since I am having Family Dinner at my house Sunday and I am going with the Halloween theme. I made this light cover up!

So, Do you want to know how I made it?

Using my Cricut and the A Child's Year Cartridge I cut out 4 of the 2 different style witches. I varied the sizes too. The largest was cut at 5", then I when down to 3 1/2" and then two cut at 2 1/2" - The witches represent our family members. Hubby, Daughter, Son and Me....oh and there are two cats on one of the designs. So, my two dogs are represented.....maybe under a spooky spell!

Next, I tied the witches with one strand of embroidery floss in an ivory shade.

I just guessed that I needed about 4 half moons & mounting strips in Yellow. Using my Creative Memories Custom Cutting Tool - Jumbo Circle. I cut out 4 half circles in mulberry paper.

Attached my yellow cardstock strip, which was cut 1" x 12" and to the back attached mini glue dots. Using the mini glue dots facing the edge of the fixture I stuck each section up.

Adjust as I when around the fixture and TA-DA, Hocus Pocus, Al-shsam!

Echo Park Page

Here is a page I made using Echo Park Papers. I caught my boy after the sounds of laughter turn to silence...So, as a Mom you know it is time to investigate. Found him inside his toybox and the toy spread across the floor. When I asked him,"Who did this?" He replies, "Becky DO!"
At 2 years and 1 month old, I am always amazed at how much he picks up! I am always saying "Monkey, See Monkey Do" and blaming his sister for his mess is just one of those moments.
After, I asked him, "Who is going to clean this up?" Luke called Becky to join me in the toybox and as they are cracking up with laughter. They tell me, "Mommy"
Sorry it's a gloomy day here and at night my lighting is bad.

I made this tag below by using some scraps and the EP paper names from the papers I used. 

Popped up my stamped and fussy cut letters

If It's Groovy: Halloween Dinner is Served!

If It's Groovy: Halloween Dinner is Served!: Ewwww if you have not thought about Halloween dinner yet this is a cool and very wicked way to serve up a ghoulicious meal!!! Just look at t...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Twelve

Sunday October 23rd - I am grateful for a lazy day with my husband and kids!
Monday October 24th - I am grateful for a fun decorated Halloween house.
Tuesday October 25th - I am grateful for a Play Group Halloween party!
Wednesday October 26th - I am grateful for a pushing myself to go to Zumba.
Thursday October 27th -  I am grateful for a two big pumpkins and a plan to carve. 
Friday October 28th - I am grateful for a great dinner with friends and kids played the night away! 
Saturday October 29th - I am grateful for plans and prep of a Halloween themed dinner.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

If It's Groovy: Home Sweet Home with Michelle

If It's Groovy: Home Sweet Home with Michelle: We were given the challenge to expose some details about our hometown. Well, my hometown is actually Jen's (IIG's Design Team Member) hometown...