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for my creativity. Of course, my family benefits from it too.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Fifteen

Sunday November 13th - I am grateful for nice day to drive home from my 1st Scrapbook Retreat in Newfoundland!

Monday November 14th - I am grateful for a full day with my Hubby before he is off the NJ for at least 10 days!
Tuesday November 15th - I am grateful for a safe flight Hubby landed safety in NJ!
Wednesday November 16th - I am grateful a good night's sleep. Hate to say it, BUT with one in the bed so much more rest! Still love you hubby!
Thursday November 17th -  I am grateful to be making progress on long overdue moving complications!
Friday November 18th - I am grateful for a playdate for the kids and some Mommy time all in one!
Saturday November 19th - I am grateful a relaxing night after cleaning up most of the day! 

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