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for my creativity. Of course, my family benefits from it too.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Paper Secrets SYAO - Round 2 - Week #48

Here is my page this week and 2 pager challenge.

Products: 3+ Handmade Banners, Medals/Medallions, Burlap, 7+ Patterned Papers & Corrugated Paper
Techniques: Stamping, Stitching & Distressing - All 3

Page 1

Stamping, Medals/Medallions, Burlap

Stitching & Stamping

3+ Handmade Banners, Stitching, Stamping, Medals/Medallions & Burlap

Page 2

Corrugated Paper & Stamping

3+ Handmade Banners

Card Lifters - Week #13

This is my 1st year joining the Card Lifters over on Fiskateers. Each week we are given another Fiskateer members card to "lift" (copy elements: design layout mainly, but techniques, titles etc.) I am hoping that I can get a stash of birthday cards by doing Card Lifters this year!
Here is week #13:
This card I made for my Cousin who is having Breast Surgery because of Cancer. Which thankfully she caught early and she is an Ultrasound Tech. So, she was able to know the procedures and act quickly.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Lists, Sears WishBook and the Season

Since my kids are slowly moving away from TV Shows that are on Disney, Nick Jr. and Treehouse (Canadian version of Sprout). They have been seeing all those TV ads from this toy or that toy. So I have been hearing, "I want that" or "That's so cool! Can you get me that!" I hear myself saying, "You should ask Santa." more often.
This year was the 1st year I noticed that Sears still has a WishBook still. It has been at least 15 years since I seen one.

My has their wishlist grown for my two. I took some of them looking at the Sears Wishbook too!

So, as a cute and fun Santa List I took a picture using the opposite side of one of those over the door coloring rolls.

BUT you will have to wait to see them on a page in the future!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Paper Secrets SYAO - Round 2 - Week #47

 This Week I got to use an old picture of my husband and his ex-girlfriend. I had fun with this because I got to paint over, add tape to cover, poke holes and stitch over his old girlfriend!

I thought that was pretty funny...since I never had any of those feelings nor even met her BUT I have wanted to do that such a long time ago to some of my boyfriend's ex's.

I ONLY got to do this because I had to use a photo that was anywhere between 12" x 6" to 12" x 8"
The photo I had on hand was a 13" x 11"

Products: Chevron Paper, Twine, Envelope, 5+ different Washi Tapes, Paint, & Number(s)

Techniques: Stamping, Stitching & Distressing - All 3

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I started an album with all of the Broadway and theater shows I have been to. Mainly because I would have a bunch of the Playbills stashed away with the ticket stubs. When I first met my husband his was working in NYC. So, we would try to get a night out in the city at least twice a year. Since we lived 80 miles from NYC and he would travel that distance each day. We found some closer theaters to see shows, which added to my collection quickly.

Scrooge was one of the show we saw at a local theater with another couple. I tried to take a few photos but they didn't come out clear. We had snow falling on us at the end of the show, which was a fun experience I didn't expect.

So, a simple way to see those memories was to pull out the Playbills and get scrapping. I cropped the Playbill cover down just to show the theater name and show name. I liked the inside cover better anyway, better graphics for the show title! Pulled out those eyelets that don't get as much use anymore and attched my tickets. Needed a little something else so I added the Producer and Director names. Another cool thing about local theaters, you get to see more shows!!!!

So, pull out your eyelets and attach those tickets....Works great for season ticket holders!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paper Secrets SYAO - Round 2 - Week #46

Got to do a page for of my hardest themes I fine to scrapbook. After the past few I am starting to enjoy doing Christmas pages and not fear them!

Here is my 2 pager of this week's challenge:

Page 1:

Close - Up of Stamped Images:

Page 2:

Used: Script Paper, Tags & Tickets, Ruler-actual-ribbon or paper, Number(s), Stamped cancelled designs.
Techniques: Stamping & Distressing (I did Edge & Ink)

Close-Up of Stamps Images:

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Serendipity Squares - 1st Christmas

My "1st Christmas - Tristan & Gerry 1972" Layout is up over at If It's Groovy. Head over and check it what we have been up too!

I have been holding on to the original photos of my husband's childhood for awhile and finally got the chance to get them scanned and printed. These photos were from his 1st Christmas.

Since the stuffed puppy and the boys pants were plaid in the photo, it reminded me of a patchwork quilt which gave way to the Serendipity Squares. I use a mix of Christmas Papers I had that could be cut into 1" Squares. In a somewhat random matter I placed them around the photos as the mat/background. Added some chipboard embellishments and some mini alphas for the boy's names and date.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My page is up on If It's Groovy....
Luke & Conner <3's Aunt Kim's Marshmallow Pops

Used Liquid Applique with a heat gun to puff up for marshmallows 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Liftateers Year 4, Week #9

This week I got to scrap some old olds I had from the 80's
Family trip to Baltimore, MD
Seals at the Aquarium

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Paper Secrets SYAO - Round 2 - Week #45

This week was a one page layout...BUT I turned it into a 2 pager!
Products I used: Twine, Tags, Rub-ons, 15+ Buttons, 7+ Patterned Papers, Alpha Stickers
Techniques: Dry Embossing with ink applied with a stencil brush and accents with a metallic gel pen  

Here is the sketch:

Page 1:

Alphas, Twine & Dry Embossing (inked)

Buttons, Rub-ons, Tag & Dry Embossing (inked & gel penned)

 Page 2:

Tag, Buttons, Twine & Alphas

Rub-on, Tag, Buttons & Dry Embossing (inked)

Card Lifters - Week #10

This is my 1st year joining the Card Lifters over on Fiskateers. Each week we are given another Fiskateer members card to "lift" (copy elements: design layout mainly, but techniques, titles etc.) I am hoping that I can get a stash of birthday cards by doing Card Lifters this year!
Here is week #10:
This one I made for my daughter's Guitar Instructor.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Luke's 3rd! IIG: Make your own background paper

The last Challenge for Paper Secrets I used one of the photos from my son's 3rd Birthday photo shoot that didn't make it on this layout. Here is the link to the blog post if you missed it:

Here is the 1st page I did for IIG Make Your Own Background Paper Challenge.

When I first thought I completed this page. I didn't have the journaling on the Black Cardstock. I am glad I added it because even though it is his 3rd Birthday pictures. AND he does clean up well! It really shows how children are made to look so sweet....He can be a handful!

Without the Journaling:

I used well over a dozen different stamp sets to complete this background paper.

Here is a close-up of the Top Left-Title:

Top Right:

Bottom Right:

Bottom Left:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paper Secrets SYAO - Round 2 - Week #44

Used: Chevron, Twine, 7+ Patterned Papers & 3+ different Washi Tapes

The Sketch from Scrap Friends: