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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Cricut Cartridge Storage Solution

Cricut Cartridge, Book and Overlay Storage all-in-one Solution

I had seen a similar solution done a photo box and a separate box for the cartridges using cut plastic canvas to separate the cartridges.
I had a empty plastic storage box I wasn't using. I put the books in with the overlays behind each the book in alphabetical order. (The one I seen used the dividers that come with a photo box to label each book and overlay combo.) I found an empty checkbook box that I had and it worked perfect for the cartridges.

Here is a picture to show what I am talking about.

The checkbook box with the lid on slides in perfectly behind the books and overlays. Put the lid on and it's dust free, portable and more compact than anything else I have seen!

Just thought now that I should have took a pic of the box in behind the books, BUT you get the idea!

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