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for my creativity. Of course, my family benefits from it too.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Sixteen

Sunday November 20th - I am grateful that my mother-in-law's fall was not seriously injuring!

Monday November 21st - I am grateful for my compassion and caring also not afraid to show it!
Tuesday November 22nd - I am grateful for friendships made and how those can amaze you!
Wednesday November 23rd - I am grateful for all my husband has done and for his safe arrival!
Thursday November 24th -  I am grateful for a beautiful view to wake up to....snow covering everything and it's still falling!
Friday November 25th - I am grateful for good driving weather for my husband on his way to us!
Saturday November 26th - I am grateful for hubby getting home safe and sound! 

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