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Monday, November 28, 2011

Tami's November Color Challenge {Heavy Metal} at Fiskateers

So, I got to add a few things to my Christmas wishlist. 
After using my Gold metallic pigment ink for stamping my leaves. A new gold ink pad is added to the wishlist. The color didn't really come up as gold metallic as I wished, so I added Gold Stickles to the stamped leaves. The Gold mesh was actually a roll of ribbon I picked up at Michael's recently. I just stitched in on in a few spots using gold embriodery floss. I used the same floss for the words "Happy Fall" on the sentiment. Added a few felt acorns.

So, last night we had family dinner at Kim's (my Sister-in-law) this was the card I made for her. My mind has been so crazy and in a million different direction lately. Well, I had the leaves to attach yet because I add added the Stickles and they needed to dry. I said to my Husband, Gerry. "Let go finish up the card." I also put a stamp on the back of my cards that I make a give out. Kinda like a Hallmark seal, BUT it is mine!

Well, I brought the card up to give the ink some time to dry before sicking in the envelope. 
So, guess what I ended up doing....
I have to say it might be in the genes passed down from my Mom, because I received my Birthday card from Mom and Dad last month. She forgot to sign it!
Well, I top her I left the entire inside blank!!!!
Thankfully, we were the first ones there and when Kim opened the inside she joked with me and said, "It's beautiful did you make this one, maybe you can sign it!" and came over to show me the empty inside!  

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