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Monday, May 26, 2014

Digging out old photos and scrapbook challenges

I was digging through a pile of doggie photos that were in a photo box. I came across some that I never scrapped. Ended up making two different pages. One I have to wait to show. But here is the second one!

The full page:

I was looking for some challenges to get me going. Here is one I found over on Stuck?! Sketches. It is actually a sketch created by Laura Whitaker from her blog post.

Here is the sketch:

Monday, May 19, 2014

Found these Greeting Cards with instructions.

Found these Greeting Cards with instructions figured I should post them since we are just feeling the Spring here!
Quick & Easy Greeting Cards

Heart Shaped Butterfly Greeting Card

 What an elegant way to send a personal greeting. This silver and white heart shaped card features velum butterflies, silver foiled wood grain paper, and glitter silver vines.


1. Use a paper trimmer to cut white cardstock to 6 x  12”. Score in the middle with a scoring board and bone folder and fold in half.
2. Down load and print out the heart template.
3. Cut out heart template with scissors and/or craft knife, lay template over card front with fold at the top so that the tops of the heart just overhangs the fold of the card by approximately 1/8” and use a pencil to trace the outside edge of the heart onto the card. Use scissors to cut along the pencil lines to create a heart-shaped card base.
4. Lay the heart template onto wood-grain paper and trace around outside edge with a pencil. Cut along pencil line with scissors, and adhere to card front with dry adhesive.
5. Lay the heart template on grey paper and trace along both outside and inside edges with pencil. Use scissors to cut around the outside edge of the line, and a craft knife to cut along the inside line. Erase any pencil markings left behind with an eraser.
6. Place several adhesive foam squares along the back side of the heart cutout, peel off their release paper, and place over the card front. This raised heart is where the vines will be attached.
7. Use a vine edge punch along the edge of grey paper. You will need two 12” strips of vine.
8. With scissors cut the long strips into several small pieces about 1 1/2” long. Apply white glue to the backs of the pieces and adhere vines to the heart frame, starting at the bottom and making your way around to the apex of the heart.
9. Apply glitter glue to the tops of the vine and sprinkle with coarse glitter. Shake off excess onto a scrap piece of paper and return to the container.
10. Use a silver glitter pen to trace around the velum wings of a large, small, and extra small butterfly sticker.
11. Place two blue gems on the body of the large butterfly, and one blue gem on the body of the small and extra small butterflies.
12. Remove the large butterfly from the release paper and adhesive foam square to the back of the top left wing. Apply the powder tool to the sticky side of the top left wing and then remove the release paper from the adhesive square. Place the butterfly on the bottom right side of the heart.
13. Remove the small butterfly from the release paper and place it to the top left of the heart.
14. Remove the extra small butterfly from the release paper and place it to the top left of the heart, so that it overlaps the small butterfly slightly. 

Glitter Garden Greeting Card

 Capture the sparkling dew of a spring morning with our “Glitter Garden” greeting card. Simply apply glitter to any floral paper. The transformation from plain to sparkling is mesmerizing and so easy to do.


 1. Select a cream piece of paper from the paper pad. Use a paper trimmer to cut cream cardstock to 4 1/4”x11”. Score down the middle with a scoring board and bone folder. Fold in half to make the card base.
2. Use a paper trimmer cut a piece of flower/vine patterned paper to 4”x 5”.
3. Ink the edges of the patterned paper with grey ink and a foam applicator.
4. Use a glue pen along the light green parts of the paper. Sprinkle light green glitter over the glue, and shake off excess onto scratch paper. Work in small sections until all of the light green areas are covered with light green glitter. Return excess glitter to container.
5. Use a glue pen along the dark green parts of the paper. Sprinkle dark green glitter over the glue, and shake off excess onto scratch paper. Work in small sections until all of the dark green areas are covered with dark green glitter. Return excess glitter to container.
6. Use a paper trimmer to cut burgundy paper to 4 1/4” x 5.1/4”. Adhere the glittered paper to the center of the burgundy paper with a tape.
7. Use scissors to cut a piece of green ribbon to approximately 18”. Wrap the ribbon around the glittered piece, about 1 1/2” from the top edge of the piece and tie a bow. Cut a “V” in the ends of the ribbon with scissors.
8. Adhere the glittered piece to the center of the card front with a glue runner.
9. Remove large and small pink heart gems from the release paper and place over the pink flowers of matching size 

Butterfly Cut-Out Greeting Card

 Create an eye-catching butterfly greeting card with easy. This delicate design work well as a note card, birthday greeting, or thank you. Butterflies are cut out and hand glittered.
1. Select a pattern paper from the paper pad. This card used the script pattern paper.
2. Use a paper trimmer to cut down script paper to the size of 4 1/4”x11”. Score paper in half with a scoring board and bone folder. Fold paper to create the card base 4 1/4” x 5 1/2”
3. Ink edges of front of card with grey ink and foam applicator. Draw thin line around edge of card front with fine-tipped black ink pen.
4. Punch one small and one large butterfly out of scrap paper as these will be used for a template.
5. Lay card open flat on cutting mat. Lay butterflies on desired location on card front and trace with pencil around wings. Do not complete the entire shape – leave the mid-section blank. Remove the butterflies and use a retractable knife to cut along the pencil line, leaving the body of each butterfly intact. Pinch the wings together with your fingers to give dimension.
6. Apply a thin line of glittering glue around the wings and sprinkle glitter liberally over the glue. Shake off excess glitter onto scrap paper and replace into container.
7. Cut a 3/4”x7” strip of light blue paper with a paper trimmer. Cut v-shaped ends in the strip with scissors. Use a fine-tipped black ink pen to draw a line around the edges of the strip. Folds each end 1 1/2” and 2” to create the banner shape. Adhere banner folds together using adhesive foam squares. Adhere to the card front with adhesive foam squares, approximately 1 inch from the bottom edge.
8. Remove the flower cluster chipboard sticker from the release paper and place on the left side of the banner.
9. Use a black ink pen to write “hello” on the remaining open space on the banner.
10. Use a paper trimmer to cut a 4”x 5 1/4” piece of wood-grain paper. Adhere to the inside of the card with a tape runner.
11. Peel off a butterfly chipboard sticker from the release paper and place it at the bottom right corner of the wood-grain paper.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Retreat: Getting caught up with the Kids.

My daughter's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot Pic

Layering Stickers into a cluster. Also used the leftovers from the scallop cut border with the sticker set. It is the pink placed on the lighter pink polka dot paper. Might add a few buttons to the centers. When I went to place this page in her album. I noticed the joining page had some.

A little strip left from that scallop border.

On to Baby Boy Pages 

Baby Boy arrives- Using up those older supplies in my stash.

Using those old stickers by placing them on same color cardstock, circle punched, and layered with another color in this case it was the kraft cardstock. Title I used rub-ons.

Baby Boy getting weighed

Used a quote from those old vellum Quote Books/Stacks. This one happened to be in a spinal binding. So, I punched some kraft cardstock with notebook border punch. Using Sew Easy zig-zag pierced stitch lines and hand-stitched in light blue making my own embellishment.  

Inked the edges of Cricut cut letters. "Here I Am!" fit so well with his little stretch pic. Funny 4 years later it is the same way he wakes up. A little stretch and "Morning" or "Come on the Sun's up"

Didn't know how to title this one. We were in recovery waiting for a room. So, I just used the vellum saying.

Using the same idea as before: sticker layered cardstock with some ribbon and a button/brad cluster.


Altered the saying for my title and staggered the tile cardstock letters to cover the vellum edge and adhere it the the page. Ric-rac on kraft cardstock hides the top edge of vellum and hides the glue so it stays on the page.

Added some ric-rac to the kraft cardstock to break up the patterns.

Baby Lo-Jack - We joked about this. When my daughter was born 2 1/2 years earlier we never saw one of these. Not sure how the term/title came out. Not sure if the term is universal. But in the USA when they started putting car alarm systems in one was called, LO-JACK. LO-JACK would track your car if stolen. So, in this case it was coined Baby Lo-Jack. Since the picture didn't fit the frame I added the jail bars using Cricut - CTMH Artbooking cartridge.

My 1st cut for the jail bars didn't fit like I wanted them so I found a way to used them and adhere my vellum saying down. Fits because the picture above is my daughter counting his toes.

A play on LO-JACK using a rub-on tricycle.

The full page:

Our 1st Anniversary - dressed up and heading to dinner. Used Webster's Pages Products and A LOT of Fussy Cutting. Placed the picture on top of a overlay/transparency. Positioned fussy cut flowers to cover the space that my photo wouldn't cover.

More Fussy Cutting & overlapped the frame sticker.

Loved this little gazebo. We were married at the foot of a larger gazebo.

Edge distressed tickets and layered with lace.

Vellum journaling ticket and chipboard button layered.

The completed page.

Until next time!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Retreat: Moving on after a cruise...Easter, Beach & Randoms

Our Yummiest good I never stopped to get a picture of those tasty rum cakes. So I used one from the brochure. Here is Page 1:

Page 2: I think it still needs something. I added the tickets from an ice show we went to that night as we started our journey of a day at sea and back to Florida.

The complete layout - looking at it together I think I will add some navy and some journaling to page 2.

So, after the cruise layouts were completed as best I could with what I had with me. It was time to get some random layouts done that have been planning to do.

Here is a Easter page - the stamp I colored in with marker and fussy cut. added the basket and fussy cut the eggs placed them on top of the image.

My daughter and her 2nd cousin with the Easter bunny. Used CTMH Framework & Keepsake Alpha Stamp Sets. EK Success/Martha Stewart Border Punch & Heidi Swapp Dial Date Stamp.

Next was a 2 page layout that I kept playing with but never just got the tape gun out and made it officially finished! Here are the stamped trees and fussy cut birds.

Matted and finally put those pictures in position! Page 1 - Grandma and my daughter making the peanut butter treat to "Feed the Birds". I kept thinking of Mary Poppins and the bird lady so I just went with it!

Page 2 - A bit hard to see here but as soon as they pulled the cage out the birds came flocking. 

The complete layout

Next up was a trip to the beach page featuring my husband and the kids. LBI - Long Beach Island, NJ

I want to use Mudd Puddles on the title - which is a sand like texture. I used it on a page in the past.

Two pages together

One in the works...I liked how this photo worked with the papers. Have to confirm the date/event to finish and title.

I scrapped the pics but wasn't sure of the details. So, now that I am home I got him to fill me in. My husband when he was Ironworking in Boston before we met!

I made the steel beams by scoring the cardstock and adding some pastels to the centers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Retreat: more cruising going on!

After skipping over the cave tubing page do to lack of pics. I went onto the next day starting with "Cruise Compass" Page. Port of Costa Maya, Mexico. Our excursion for this stop was cancelled. We walked around the market, grill/restaurant and swimming area.

We watched the Harbour Authority came out to the ship in the morning. Lined up a massage. Enjoyed a easy-going day.

The pages next to each other:

Here is where I have that mix of digital and 35mm photos to play around with. So, I skipped ahead and used my scrappy time wisely! Onto Grand Caymans, skipping the "Cruise Compass" Page and right to the excursion!

Grand Cayman Tour: Stingray City - Turtle Farm - Hell - Rum Cake Co. Excursion. I placed them out of order that we experienced them. BUT, As far as combined fun this excursion was the best experience.

Close up of the hexagons. I used the negative space leftovers from when I cut out a bunch of hexagons for another layout...see my Little "Sand Baby" layout. Using the same paper as under the photos I popped up the hexagons with foam tape for dimension and to add to the scuba driver's bubbles.

I searched for a stingray on the Cricut cartridges and NO LUCK! So, if anyone knows where to find one let me know!
I just positioned the next page waiting to see what I can find as far as the stingray goes!

The Turtle Farm - Page 1

The Turtle Farm - Page 2

My fussy cut turtles I made using 3 different inks and a sponge. Stamped with lighted first then sponged on lighter blue-green and then sponged on deep green around the edges. Stamped and fussy cut. Used tan to ink edges after fussy cutting.

The 2 page layout:

Now off the HELL!
Since I only had two pictures...The postcards I picked up were a great explanation of this roadside stop. I never mailed out a postcard but they postmark them from Hell! It's one of those quirky fun things to do!

The Yummiest Stop of All to come!