Scrapbooking SOS - is all about why I scrapbook. I scrap for me, my sanity and
for my creativity. Of course, my family benefits from it too.

About ME

Hi! So a little about me!

My name is Michelle and I am a mother of 2 elementary aged children; a girl and a boy. We have 5 large goldfish & 3 dogs; a 14 year old Black & Tan Beagle, a 10 year old Wheaten Terrier/Poodle Mix and a 2 year old Sheepdog. So, our house is a busy place!

Scrapbooking has been my SOS so to speak. I started scrapbooking back in 2004 when I went to a LSS for a class. It was slow going in the beginning but once I got some great travels, married and the kids came I was hooked.

I am a Jersey Girl born and raised. My husband was raised in Newfoundland. Our family moved about 3 1/2 years ago from the Jersey Shore Area of NJ, USA to a small town just outside the city of St. John's in Newfoundland, Canada.


I started scrapbooking back in 2004. 

I started making cards about 8-9 years ago instead of buying them. 

I started attending workshops, day crops, expos, retreats and even joined a hostess club. The hostess club is where my stamping started. The stamping is usually a part of my scrapbooking & cardmaking.  

I created Scrapbooking SOS blog to share why I scrapbook. I scrap for me, my creativity and sanity. Of course, my family benefits from it all too. I 1st created the blog because I saw a lot of other scrappers using them. I wanted to be able to document my creativity. By having the blog it gives me the opportunity to keep up-to-date photos of my work. As well as, seeing my progress over time. 

By having the blog it has allowed me the opportunity to be apart of blog hops and design teams.

I am a Fiskateer and love participating on the boards there. 

I enjoy doing different challenges and sketches. As well as participating in blog hops and online crops.

I am current on XOXO Scrapbooking Design Team. I have been on some other design teams in the past. Which are fun and challenging in the same.

I was one of the TOP 3 for Paper Secrets SYAO2 Weekly Challenges.



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My Design Got:

I won the Recycling Challenge!


May 20-21, 2011 - Somerset, NJ

October 2010 - Valley Forge, PA




Michelle #7586



Card-a-Palooza Aug. 1-15, 2011

August 25-28, 2011
Lift Off! Online Crop 
Hostess for Challenges #23-25