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Color Codes

Color Codes

Here are the color codes from Close To My Heart Papers/Inks & Markers. So if you needed to print up something it will match your pages. When selecting a color there is an option to adjust levels, just type in these values and it will match!

RGB Color Codes for CTMH Colors

Spring- Harmony
Amethyst (R-194 G-180 B-234)
Baby Pink (R-249 G-207 B-221)
Heavenly Blue (R-177 G-223 B-243)
Key Lime (R-198 G-227 B-171)
Sunkiss Yellow (R-255 G-251 B-161)
Taffy (R-255 G-199 B-174)

Spring- Blossom
Lilac Mist (R-172 G-191 B-233)
Spring Iris (R-136 G-152 B-206)
Creme Brulee (R-248 G-206 B-134)
Juniper (R-136 G-182 B-173)
Sorbet (R-244 G-149 B-128)
Tulip (R-210 G-78 B-84)

Summer- Celebration
Bubblegum (R-243 G-141 B-188)
Citrus Leaf (R-184 G-223 B-82)
Dutch Blue (R-90 G-151 B-206)
Ocean (R-0 G-169 B-184)
Topiary (R-112 G-140 B-76)
Watermelon (R-230 B-101 G-166)

Summer- Carnival
Clover Meadow (R-106 G-168 B-82)
Holiday Red (R-224 G-73 B-87)
Hydrangea (R-125 G-97 B-186)
Orange (R-255 G-122 B-66)
Star Spangled Blue (R-40 G-120 B-181)
Sunny Yellow (R-255 G-246 B-63)

Autumn- Garden
Garden Green (R-170 G-171 B-134)
Goldrush (R-217 G-142 B-77)
Hollyhock (R-212 G-104 B-126)
Indian Corn Blue (R-101 G-136 B-169)
Olive (R-151 G-152 B-107)
Vineyard Berry (R-153 G-86 B-98)
Autumn- Harvest
Autumn Terracotta (R-199 B-113 G-64)
Barn Red (R-151 G-84 B-79)
New England Ivy (R-99 G-110 B-77)
Outdoor Denim (R-67 G-81 B-104)
Pansy Purple (R-112 G-75 B-105)
Sunflower (R-255 G-192 B-90)

Winter- Cozy
Blush (R-232 G-163 B-178)
Crystal Blue (R-132 G-188 B-213)
Honey (R-238 G-189 B-33)
Petal (R-155 G-144 B-158)
Sweet Leaf (R-194 G-203 B-147)
Twilight (R-79 G-126 B-126)

Winter- Classic
Buttercup (R-242 G-225 B-169)
Cranberry (R-184 G-69 B-67)
Garnet (R-139 G-87 B-88)
Moonstruck (R-68 G-103 B-161)
Ponderosa Pine (R-71 G-95 B-84)
Smokey Plum (R-134 G-106 B-125)

Basic- Antique
Bamboo (R-216 G-199 B-169)
Black (black)
Desert Sand (R-165 G-136 B-105)
Grey Flannel (R-195 G-196 B-192)
Grey Wool (R-143 G-148 B-152)
White Daisy (white)

Basic- Timeless
Brown Bag (R-192 G-137 B-103)
Chocolate (R-137 G-104 B-89)
Cocoa (R-117 G-104 B-87)
Colonial White (R-244 G-237 B-218)
Parchment (R-245 G-214 B-196)
Vanilla Cream (R- 247 G-225 B-203)

Retired Colors
Breeze (R-146 G-223 B-227)
Kiwi (R-224 G-225 B-135)
Orchid Bouquet (R-229 G-155 B-215)
Pink Carnation (R-255 G-139 B-164)
Golden Ember (R-209 G-171 B-61)
Plum Mist (R-173 G-141 B-156)
Seafoam (R-157 G-183 B-158)