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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Thirteen

Sunday October 30th - I am grateful for a fun and delicious planned Halloween themed dinner. My 1st homemade pea soup - only two bowls were left! Make your own sand witch's (see Sand Witch's blog post) and mummy hot dogs that were lucky they got on the serving plate! Fun Witch's Brew Cupcakes and family! Oh, and thanks to my Sister-in-Law, Kim we had Served Finger Punch. Should got a picture! The ice hand she made lost a finger!
Monday October 31st - I am grateful for a cold, BUT fun Halloween for the kids.
Tuesday November 1st - I am grateful for my daughter's love of the Play Group, even when she is under the weather!
Wednesday November 2nd - I am grateful that the bird's found our seed sock after we added a suet cage to the tree! Hoping to catch some pics!
Thursday November 3rd -  I am grateful for Children's Tylenol, both kiddos have a fever and runny noses!
Friday November 4th - I am grateful for appetites, even if it is leaning towards Halloween candy! Kiddos at least have their appetites back!
Saturday November 5th - I am grateful for winning a snow boot hunt! 

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