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for my creativity. Of course, my family benefits from it too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paper Secrets SYAO - Round 2 - Week #56

Here is what I came up with:

It is the opening page in my Colonial Williamsburg Trip Album.

I used a photo of the Welcome sign cropped around the sign shape and popped it up with foam tape.

We were given the Color Combos Galore challenge this week to complete.

You must choose one of the inspiration photos & for our challenge you must add/do everything listed next to it!

Inspiration Photo 1:
Focus on Composition: CLUSTERED ELEMENTS
Try clustered flowers, clustered photos, a cluster of embellishment or accents
More Inspiration Ideas:
metal, distressing, rectangle shapes, brads...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

XOXO DT Challenge #42 - Leftover Valentine

Over on True XOXO Scrapbooking it showing some mushy gushy stuff. My card and layout is up.

My Card for My Sugar....
Since he loves his gummy candies, chocolates, Chocolate bars and coffee cup with a minimum of 3 sugars.
I made my husband this card with a Alphabet stamp set that I have been wanting to use.

Here is a 2 pager. I used a oversized card Becky had made Dad a few Valentine's ago.

Was able to save her hand's traced in crayon.

Pulled out the old Sizzix machine:
used the heart die and tied embroidery floss to the hearts.

and Dot Numbers, which where cut out of Becky's old snow tube that got a hole.  

Even got to use some Alpha Stickers I have had in my stash for some time now!

Head over a check out what the rest of the DT came up with:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

XOXO - Challenge #41 ~ The SuperBet

There was a Superbowl bet made from one team member to another (and then of course, first said member lost…) Everyone on team got to contribute an item to the loser’s list and we came up with this game plan:

Red & gold
purple washi tape
Lobster/embossed stamping (the lobster was a joke, but some took it seriously — look!
Index cards

Here is what I did:

I had a hard time at first...Like what is a Lobster/embossed stamping?
Funny thing is that we have Christmas Lobsters decorations we put out...You know just like the White Lighted Deers!
Lobsters are apart of the family. My Father-In-Law is a fisherman and during the Summer my husband will go out an help him. Of course, with the added bonus of fresh lobsters!

Head on over to XOXO to see what all the DT Members came up with:

So there ya have it – that’s our game plan! You know what to do from here – create a layout or project based on inspiration from one of ours and you’re in the run to spend a month with us!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Paper Secrets SYAO - Round 2- Week #55

This week's challenge was a combo from CSI blog Challenge.
Here is what I came up with:

The Case File we were given:

My pictures were too long in width to fit the sketch and if I did crop them down. You would lose the scale of the Bay Bridge-Tunnel.
Here is the pictures pulled out of the pockets I made.

5 Colors of Scheme were used.
Evidence Used: Create a jagged edge, clouds, sailboat, something sheer, e.g. vellum & eyelets
Testimony Used: Documented a getaway & Put my journaling behind something sheer.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pulling Daddy's Heart Strings

I was excited for this challenge...This is actually the last challenge given at If It's Groovy!!!! Deb, Thanks to all your hard work and having me be apart of it!
I had tucked away an over-sized handmade card my daughter, Becky made for Valentine's that she gave to her Dad. It got a bit wrinkled and abused, but it was packed up for 3 years. Finally, I got the inspiration after reading the challenge titled "Heartstrings" and I knew I had to do a 2 page layout so... 
It just fit so perfect, Becky has him by the heartstrings! Like he says often, "There is no female that any man can love like his daughter. No matter what she does in her life he will love her unconditionally!" 

I wanted Becky's artwork to show, so simple and clean it is! Cutting a bit off center so her hand traced prints were still together but split. 

I pulled out my old Sizzix machine and the Sidekick. I cut a Sizzlet border, Heart Lace. After I cut out the 2 Heart Lace borders I added "strings to each of the connecting hearts.

 Using an old popped snowtube I cut out the title with Dot Numbers on the Sizzix. 

Added the title, "Pulling Daddy's Heart Strings." Since Daddy was already on the card, I added the "'s" and the card was already Heart-shaped the title came together.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's for the Class

Here are the Valentine's we made for my daughter's class. Becky wanted to make her own Valentine's so we got to work!

Used some cardstock and we had to stamp a purple rocket
We settled on "Hope yours Rocks It" since there was not enough room to add Happy Valentine's on top too!
Attached candy "Rockets" with mini Glue Dots.
FYI: in Canada candy "Rockets" are them same as the United States version of "Smarties"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paper Secrets SYAO - Round 2 - Week #54

This week's challenge was a combo from CSI blog Challenge.
Here is what I did:
There is no journaling because I am making the pages for my Brother and Sister-In-Law's Wedding album. Leaving the journaling to them since I was not in Hawaii for the wedding. But inspiration words:  soar, love, reflect would be forthcoming...

We were given this case to found and color combo:
At least 2 elements of evidence used: hearts, flowers, leaves/vines & solid background
At least 1 element of testimony: Document a love story & Add hearts to your journaling spot

Some close ups:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cabinet Peek A Boo

I had such fun doing this page! Mainly because it is one of those chances you get to see a bit of yourself in your child. 

Cabinet Peek A Boo was one of my things to do as a child. My son got some of me in him! These photos even show the resemblance too! Of course, my scanner is not working! BUT I did get the picture off my Mom of myself as a child hiding in the cabinets. AND after I get the chance to remember the picture and stop by a place to print it out. I WILL BE doing a Mom/Son page!

I made a little cabinet to place my journaling about all the above. 

The only difference between his hiding cabinet and mine as a child was he found a pretty empty cabinet. We just had bare necessities from our move. My cabinet as a child was the can goods cabinet. So for me to hide I had to remove some cans making my spot pretty obvious!

I layered coordinating paper scraps with 2 full sheets from a Making Memories Travel Paper pack. Cut out some pots, pans and kitchen items that were in my son's cabinet of choice. Torn and rolled up the edge of green paper. Also stamped out the title in the same paper. Using foam tape I popped up even other letter to give it some dimension.