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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!

Well it has been a long time since I have posted....

There has been a lot going on!

I have been scrapbooking and making cards still, just not as often as I would like!

I just came across a blog entry that made me think about my goals for the coming year as far as my crafting ventures go! Here is the link: what-are-your-2016-scrapbooking-goals  I like the goals she listed.

One of my basic and biggest problems is my space has been in transition for the past year. I have only been scrapbooking really at retreats and/or crops. Cards I can get to easier and quicker. So, my 1st goal this year is to get all my supplies organized into my scraproom. Since this is a big task in itself...I am going to start with this one goal and hopefully get to those goals listed in the post above either along the way or as soon as goal #1 is achieved!

So, do you have any goals you have set?
I am always surprised and excited to hear goals and achievements...It pushes me to step it up or get moving!  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

End of Summer Two-Pager!

Well, I haven't touched my scrapbooking since the last retreat I attended back in March!!
Our end of the school year was crazy busy. We have been moving kid's rooms around too! So, my space has been over-run with extra things in the long process.

Anyway, before school starts up...
Over on XOXO Scrapbooking we wanted to get a bit of Summer in!
Here is the challenge for the rest of August and September.

Just came across this article and our place is listed as Jersey Shore Favorites! Check it out and the places too! Here is the LINK from  

Can wait to see what you have came up with for this challenge!
Be sure to click over to XOXO Scrapbooking and link up your creation!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Teacher Gifts

The year of year gift I found on pinterest.....Here is what my kiddos gave their teacher's!

I found this cute gift idea for teacher's gift and it came with a tag you can download!

Here is the link to my pin.

Here is the original blog post: i-have-to-ad-mitt-youre-sweet-teacher 

For the kiddos swimming instructor I created this little postcard style/gift card holder.

Emma would play a game with the kids at the end of lessons. Asked them if the liked certain foods. Changing it up once in a while and letting them call out the food before they jumped in the pool. 

So, the kiddos like the idea of asking Emma "Do you like Tim's?"

Off the enjoy the summer!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Liftateers, Week #6 - Bell Island Hockey Tournament

This week we had a awesome layout to start from...

I loved how the title came out...
My son is Number 10 in the White jersey!

Using some extra arrows for journaling and adding in the different teams they played.

Here is a full shot of the 1st page.
That guy in the hoodie is my husband coaching my son on the bench and giving the goalie some tips. He played as a goalie back in his time on the ice.

I had more pictures to use so I made mine into a 2 page LO.

Here is some close up details of the 2 pages next to each other.

Page 2 full shot. I noticed my "a" slipped a bit. Need to add the two other teams they played.

2 pages together...the only one I cropped down also!

Here is the layout we were given to lift this week. Found On designed by NichyRae.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Card Lifters, Week #9 - Blessed

For this week's card I used some packaging I had from a box of chipboard Alphas. Cut out the words "Blessed" from a Cricut cartridge (I will have to update which one...Can't remember) I was thinking of using this card for a Baby's Birth, a Baptism or Holy Communion. Added some white fiber!

 Here is a little better shot with out the sun's glare!

 Th inside of the card. I cut out the word "blessed" before going to a crop. So, after making this card there...I would recommend doing a reverse cut of the words use use so you can place them on the back in the inside of the card for a cleaner finished look!

My patterned paper does go right to the edge of the corrugated but there is a lip/space you can see from the inside. I did edge distress ever edge of the patterned paper to help cover the lip/space that I can see! Just my little quirky crafting peeve that would bother me if this card were to fall into the hands of a fellow crafter!

Here is the original card we were given. Found at featured-designer-ardyth-percy-robb

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The Blog Hop is over.  Thanks to all who participated.  

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    Card Lifters, Week #6 & #7

    Some more cards I got done at the retreat. Here is Card - Week #6

    This is the card we were given from Julee Tilman found at

    Here is my card for week #7

    This was the card that we were given to use for Week #7 found at

    Monday, March 30, 2015

    Art with Heart Challenge & Card Lifters, Week #8

    I found the "Go Green" challenge for March over on Art with Heart.

    Here is what I came up with.

    So, the first thing I thought of was a frog for green. I checked out the cards I needed to work on for Card Lifters. After seeing this one below; which as for week 8. This card was found at My son popped into my head. And it is totally something I wouldn't be surprised to find in his pockets!!!!