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Saturday, January 8, 2011

OK, so Design Team Call

I decided not to do the Design Team Call from my local scrap store. I have not been happy about the way the store runs. My husband told me he thinks "they are lazy and are fishing for ideas to use. You know the scraplift thing but instead of crediting anyone nor providing supplies to support you." I don't completely agree what he said, but it makes you think twice when the person that supports your hobby isn't supporting an effort to do the design team call. On top of the fact that there were no details as to what requirements had to be filled to represent the store as part of their design team. I.E.:maintaining your status as a member, teaching classes, workshops, layout postings etc.

So, I was on another forum this morning and came across this quote:

A birth certificate proves you were born.
A death certificate proves you died.
But a SCRAPBOOK proves you LIVED!!

So, on to getting something accomplished today.

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