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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Genealogy Course

I just signed up for a Genealogy course through the Continuing & Professional Education Program at our Local College. I started doing some of the research on my side (Mom & Dad's) but never got too far. I more recently have been working on my husband's side. Since we were in Newfoundland, Canada this summer I bought what I had with me. Hoping to unearth more information. I did go to the cerementary and got more info. as well as corrections to a lot of information I had. So, I am hoping this course can help me get further in the families past.
So, if you interested and live in the area. Here is the PDF for the College's Borchure.Ocean County College: Continuing & Professional Education Page 57 you can find the Genealogy courses.

OK, so I made a train track with the kids and set up their tent. So, I am hoping that it will give me some time to get busy working on the next challenge from the Memorable Seasons site.

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