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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crop Cancelled for Today

So, the crop I was supposed to go today was canceled and I am disappointed. But I did get to finish up a Challenge last night.
For this challenge, I had to create some sort of grid on your page that has 12 sections. You must also use the number 12 in your title or subtitle somehow and your layout needs to be Christmas-themed.

Another Challenge Completed:
1) JUNE/Summer themed
2) Multiple photos (doesn't have to be 6, but must be more than 1)
3) MUST USE 6 papers (no more, no less) -- (cardstock & pp each count as one..)
4) NOT A REQUIREMENT but as an optional extra challenge: Use the number 6 somewhere on your layout....(I used the NUMBER 6 in my journaling.. ages of the boys)

Looking at the layout together I think I need to add the Yankees Symbols on the right page. It is too empty..

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