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for my creativity. Of course, my family benefits from it too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh My Oh My!

I think that explains enough. I wish I could explain more but ........
Okay, so I speak what I feel and obviously type what I am thinking.
But it is my blog and it is my life and my creativity! Which in return that was the reason I started my blog.
I was/am really hoping having a blog would keep me going in my creativity.
I know everyone has things in their lives. Mine especially since there are people out there reading I guess I will explain.I am a Stay-At-Home Mom of 2 young children. I graduated college trained so to speak as an ESL and Elementary Teacher worked in the field for a while and met my husband. My husband was born here but raised in Newfoundland, Canada. He worked across Canada in various Skilled Labor Type Jobs and funny thing is all of them you could have or can see on Discovery or History Channel. So, with just that little bit said. There is a huge chance that we will be leaving this economy and moving to Canada.

Well, there of course is so much more but that's enough for today.

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