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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 - Blog

Ok, so I started organizing my scrap stuff and it is so hard for me to walk into the office and just get to work. My "Office" is really a scrap room with a guest bed and computer. It is also a drop all room when we clean up for company not needing to us the guest bed. So, the bed, really a futon has now been cleaned off since our last guests to use the futon were here, last January. And the futon has been set back into couch position. I am hoping that the futon will be removed from the room in the coming weekend. So, I can replace that space with a smaller craft table I have. I do have a small semi-circle desk with shelving for all my supplies. But we scrappers like to have space to spread out. Oh, I added a desk to the room for daughter who is always right next to me whenever the supplies come out.

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