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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Doubles, No Husband and More Snow

So, I was hoping to get the chance to work on more of these Challenges from the Memorable Seasons website. But what stood in my way: 1st - Gerry worked 2 doubles in a row stayed up in Yonkers, NY on Tuesday after the first double shift at Martin's (a guy he works). 2nd - Kids were in Mommy mode. 3rd - I had visitors throughout the day. All of which is life and some was an unexpected welcome. The worst of it was waiting for Gerry, my husband to get home from work in the middle of the third snow storm this season. And to top it off and making it nerve racking. He was doing this at 1 a.m. from White Plains, NY after pulling 2 doubles and driving his front wheel drive commuting car. So, anyway at 3 a.m. he was 30 miles away and to get to that point it took 3 hours. So, about 5 a.m. he arrived home. Thankfully and I finally got some sleep!

So, just finished up what I started two days ago. Challenge #3 from MS.
3 pictures, 3 word title, 3 different manufacturers & use green. 
I used Making Memories tweed pattern paper & sage green scraps, The Paper Company Corduroy Hunter & Unknown Grosgrain Ribbon Scraps (Micheal's Brand) from a spool that went missing.

Just got another Challenge posted to do from MS site:
Here is the link also placed here to remind me how to find it.
Adding another: One Word

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