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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3 - Back to Reality

Today was the first day back to reality from Christmas Break. I had my neighbor's daughter in the morning and we were signed up for a playdate. I debated a few times to stay home and be a bum. But I didn't so glad I went. Becky had some issues with sharing, which is not unexpected. She has been having a hard time lately, so the playdate was good. Even with girls around her she was still talking to her imaginary friend, Stephanie. At least, it was only a few times I caught her doing it.

So, I created this blog to be about my scrapping. But so far I have been in a funk. Today there was just not time with the schedule we are on. There are a number of things as always there are that have stopped my creative side to stay on a roll. I am looking forward to an upcoming crop on the 15th. I hope the numbers go up or they might not have it. I usually feel refreshed after a full day of scrapping and I usually get back on a roll.

There are a few layouts that I am working on. I haven't tried yet, but need to post some pictures of the things that I am working on. Well, I need to rally the troops and go pick up my neighbor's daughter from school and than it's dinner and depending on my husband's mood. Maybe I will get to some creative stuff.

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