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Saturday, January 21, 2012

If It's Groovy's Birthday Blog Hop

Happy Birthday If It's Groovy!

If you have arrived from Deb's blog your on the right track.
Hope you wished If It's Groovy a Happy Birthday!
Deb started us out with the letter "B"
I am following her with the Letter "I" and I have few projects for you!

So, If It's Groovy begins with an "I"! Here is a "Inchie" Birthday Card for you!

Since all 2 year old's have the "I Do" Statement down to a science, especially when you are in the middle of whatever task they would like to "I Do"!
I made my son a "I Do" Checklist
I seen this a while back in FamilyFun Magazine, but tweaked to suit our needs!

If you didn't know already my scrap space has been in a transition. I had a decently organized Scrappy Space of my own that I was able to close the door and walk away. It was great especially with the little ones, who love to investigate! Those little ones are now almost 5 years old and 2 years old. Both of course, love to craft too! But I had to pack it all up!
Then, between moving from New Jersey, USA to Newfoundland, Canada a great distance. Along with the gradualness of the movement of our belongings. Some of my scrappy things made the cut and others have yet to arrive! The main items and elements missing are the lack of ease that I was used to in my storage systems, as well as any units/bins/etc. and the shelving themselves.
So the next project came in play!

One cool thing about being in Newfoundland, Canada!
Not sure if this is across Canada, but "Ice Cream Containers" are made of plastic.
Something that I am having fun with for a number of reasons:
1. I like to re-purpose things and have a bit of a recycling issue here! OK, so when I lived in NJ too! I feel there is no reason why recycling can't be done. They heat up and melt plastics to make the bottles why not reuse them.
2. Where we are living they do not recycle anything that contain dairy products. Not a good thing for the environment, but great for re-purposing!
3. Clean them up and you end up with great storage containers. I used them for yarns, strings, ribbons that I had left behind when we were staying last Summer! Sorting the farm animals and "dinkies" called here (Matchbox/Hot Wheels) 

When the kids super big Crayola box of crayons wore out. I just dumped them into one of those plastic Chinese take out boxes. But that box somehow leaped off the table and cracked. Plus, somehow the crayon supply accumulated others along way. So, they now have a new home!

Next, is the other Re-purposing item.
"Icing Container"
So, pretty much I am organized as best I can out of Plastic Storage Totes, Boxes, 2 Rolling Scrapbooking Totes, a few Paper File Totes and whatever else.
So, if I want to use some embellishments they are in a big group together: eyelets, brads, bling, flowers, staples, tags, pins, etc!
Using the "Icing Container" I created a pin storage that allows me to just have a few stuck in the cushion I made and have the rest still in the original packaging with the rest of those embellishments.

 It works for a quick grab and match to you project. Instead of digging for the package of pins.

Hope you enjoyed what you have seen for the letter "I" from me!
Love to hear what you think and if you would become a follower of my blog.
I have a little blog candy for you too!
I will be updating with a picture later today!
I will be picking someone through Random Generator, if you leave me a comment and follow!

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  1. Michelle - What a great way to recycle and still be organized!!! Fantastic projects!

  2. Oh gosh, Michelle, these are all such great projects! I love them.

  3. I love your recycle choices and you have represented the letter I very well indeed! Happy Birthday to IIG and all the designers.

    Have you thought to try punching holes in one of the ice cream containers to feed (1 yard or less) pieces of ribbon through? I have not tried this on firm plastic, but the ice cream containers are a great size and shape and I believe, flexible enough not to tear your ribbon. Here is mine:

  4. Oh, I should mention that I am now a follower too!

  5. I love all your projects! Great job with "I"! The "I Do" chart is my favorite- what a great idea!

  6. This is a wonderful idea! Love the I do!

  7. These are some great projects! Love your repurposing, what a great way to say you money and help the environment! I really love that "I do" chart, just adorable.

  8. Great projects! love the "I DO" chart and altered containers.
    connie #2909

  9. Love all your projects! Great work!

  10. What wonderful thrifty ideas! Love the can of pins! Great idea! Stopping by for the Birthday hop!

  11. awww, that I do chart is adorable!!! I love that you are re-purposing those containers!!!!!!!!

  12. Love the "I do" LO! Great way to chart progress! I also like how you are taking care of the recycling your own way and making useful things out of the containers you have left when you empty a grocery item.

  13. Love your "I do" chart and recycling ideas! I am now a follower.

  14. I'm a new follower! Thanks for sharing your fun inspiration!

  15. What wonderful "I" projects. Your repurposing those objects will have an impact! ~ Blessings

  16. Great job on the layouts and I loved the repurposed containers! I do the same thing, I also LOVE the frosting containers, I use them for EVERYTHING! Love Penny

  17. Michelle, thanks for being part of our birthday crop! Your ideas were all great for letter "I". I am with the group here on the "I Do" chart, way too cute!!!

  18. I'm a follower. Love these projects, especially that pin container. Great "I"deas. Looking forward to your anniversary blog hop, see you this weekend.

  19. I'm a follower. It's so colorful. Nice to see that.