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Thursday, April 7, 2011

If It's Groovy Blog Hop - Washing Machine Catch-All

Welcome to the National No Housework Day Online Blog Hop! 
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Check out my project below!
1) Leave a comment sharing you thoughts, insight, laughs, etc....
2) Answering the 2 questions honesty: 
What is the first thing you think about when you enter a room?
What is the first thing you do after entering that room?
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We celebrate this national holiday by scrapping today and into the weekend with projects 
that remind us of housework or getting away from it!!! Take the day off, put up your feet 
and let's hop!

Michelle's Blog for If It's Groovy - "No Housework Day"
Here is a quote My Aunt passed on to me, which is so true. If you stop 
and think about it!
"The only advantage in not being too good a housekeper is that your guests are so pleased 
to feel how very much better they are."
Eleanor Roosevelt, "My Day" syndicated column (June 7, 1939)

OK, that is usually what happens when I do an online crop....But since 
this one is actually titled NO Housework maybe I could work on things 
that involve housework. The first thing I thought of was my laundry room. 
I have always thought of making something for those "treasures" you find 
in the wash. Since, I am always finding "treasures" in the laundry. I 
usually just placed these items into a basket that I keep a pair of 
scissors, a pen of two and those dryer balls in. 
What was in the basket most recently?
My husband is an Ironworker; so the most commonly found "treasure" is a 
piece of soap stone. He uses soap stone to mark steel. Other work related 
"treasures" are tips for wire feed & bolts. I used to check his pockets 
before washing until I ended up dirtier than the clothes themselves. OH 
and his work jeans are carpenter style so there was just too many pockets 
to deal with! Since I just wash the work stuff together it is not a big 
deal. Of course, some days are better then others when it comes to the 
"treasures". So, there are other "treasures" such as screws from projects 
around the house, bits and pieces from my daughter's small toys that were 
grabbed out of my 1 yr olds hands before reaching his mouth and list goes 
As anyone knows if they have the laundry duty, finding the coins and bills
are the best "treasure". Too bad it doesn't really pay off in end!!!
Here is my BIG find!

For the Blog Hop I made two different projects for my laundry "treasures" 
one is a bank and the other is a catch all. 
Below is the step-by-step directions.
Washing Machine Catch-All
I used an old tissue box:

Cut two 5 1/2" x 12" pieces of white cardstock. I gently creased the two 
pieces of paper around the tissue box. After, I got the correct fit and 
gave each fold a good crease. Set them aside.

Using another piece of white cardstock I cut a 4 1/2" x 12" piece to make 
the top of my washing machine. I cut out the top to the washing machine 
using the largest Oval from the Spellbinders Classic Ovals S4-110HL. Then 
fit it around the top of the tissue box, gently creased the edges. Figured
out a height I liked for my dials and creased that too!

I cut a strip 4 1/2" x 1 3/4" out of a piece of blue scrap I had. Took 2 
clock faces (1 clear & 1 chipboard) punched holes in the center using an 
eyelet tool. Added 2 Large White brads to the clock faces and attached to 
the blue strip of paper, making my washing machine dials. (A package of 
the Clock Faces are apart of my RAK)

OK, next I attached the top with the hole First! Then attached the front 
to the tissue box and followed with the back.

Using those two pieces cut for the sides attached them. Making sure I had 
a smooth front and the overlap was at the sides of the tissue box.

Finished my basic white washing machine! The top of the washing machine 
was bugging me! It was the hole not perfect and the top blue paper by the
dials. So, I cut a ¼” strip of white paper and attached it to the top edge
and fixed my crooked looking blue strip. I also bend it down to give it a 
little more dimension. I will get to fixing the opening in a minute.

Now, it needed something and a label/saying stating it’s purpose! Since, I 
have a girl and a boy! I used pink and boy ink with my SU Jumbo Roller and 
the “Wash Day” stamp. Fussy cut the stamped images out and attached.

Now, for the opening fix! Of course, I didn’t have a big enough piece of 
scrap in the same blue I used on the top with the dials! But I had some 
Blue Swirl that looked like soapy water. Using Spellbinders Large 
Scalloped Ovals (S4-111HL) I taped my largest and the next one down 
together with Scotch tape. Then cut the paper out and got a border scallop 
and a solid piece.

I attached the border to the top and put the solid piece inside on the

For my label/saying I used Spellbinders Classic Paisley cutting one out 
of the Blue Swirl and a smaller one out of White Cardstock. Hand wrote I 
saying that fit and attached.

My finished Catch-All

 Hope you like what I did! Let me know my commenting!

Remember to do the following to be in the running for my blog hop prize!
1) Leave a comment sharing you thoughts, insight, laughs, etc....
2) Answering the 2 questions honesty: 
What is the first thing you think about when you enter a room?
What is the first thing you do after entering that room?
and you will be in the running for my blog hop prize. 
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  1. OK, I will start it:
    What is the first thing you think about when you enter a room? What happened here and where are they hiding!
    What is the first thing you do after entering that room? Search for my little culprits and get them cleaning up.

  2. What a great idea for a "catch all" gadget! I love your altered project! What a way to recycle an old tissue box and make it something so cute!

    Hmm, the first thing I think about is the seating I think. Is the room arranged in a aesthetic or functional way? I just took an interior design class so it seriously heightened my sensitivity to "the flow" of a room. lol.

    I find myself randomly tidying up someones area if I sit in a cluttered spot/area too long. I try not to do this as I don't mean it to be rude, but my eyes just can't take the sight of mess! LOL

  3. totally loving your project.....very clever indeed!!!

  4. Such a cute and creative idea and project!!

  5. What a fantastic project...absolutely love it!!!

  6. ok. that's just about the stinkin' cutest thing ever! sadly mine would rarely, if ever, have cash in it *sigh*

  7. Such an original project!!!
    The first thing i do when i walk into a room is see the mess... then i close my eyes and go on walking hoping i don't bump into anything or slip over a dirty sock! hehehe

  8. Nicole, I love that comment! "slip over a dirty sock!" I am always finding my husband's dirty socks on the floor in my living room!

  9. I have a spot for all the things I find in the pockets or the washing machine too. Most often I find screws or nails (hubby does construction), but occasionally money. Mine is not as cute as yours though.

  10. The first thing I think about when I enter a room is if it's cold or hot. Then I usually put down whatever I'm carrying so I can fix something that needs straightening or whatever.

  11. Okay, that washing machine has GOT to go on my "to do" list...adorable!

    First thing I think when I enter a room depends on if it is at MY house or somewhere else....I'm much more critical of mess at my house but doesn't bother me a bit at others. At my house? I think "this needs tidied up" and do...I call the kids in to pick up after themselves!


  12. Ohmygoodgravy ... this is the SSWEETEST creativity I've seen in a while. TOO CUTE!! The first thing I think of when I enter a room is ... who's chalk outline is that on the floor? (Yes, I'm a huge mystery fan!)

    I just found your blog on this hop and am now a follower. So very nice to meet you. Stop by my blog sometime soon and say hi.

  13. Oh, Lillian... I will have to post a pic of my son after the hop is over! I when to walk into the living room and found my son napping on the floor. He was in a twisted looking position, I imagined the chalk outline right away!
    I have to print the picture I have so I can scrap his chalk outline page!

  14. love the project.... soooooo cute!!!love it.... insights... hmmmmmmmmmm bring a jacket it might get cold... this is something I've learned usually bites me in the behind if I don't have one handy...

    #1... coming back into the front door after leaving, I'm usually thinking... I know I left the house clean... what happened?
    #2... I put my stuff down and start picking up the mess...

    following you now.... have a super-fantastic-wonderful no housework day!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  15. Great project! 20 month old walked around the house all day today wearing my heels, pointing her finger at people, and then telling them off in baby jibberish!
    1. When was the last time i swept in here?
    2. Take a deep breath to center myself before doing anything else.

  16. Such a cute project!:)
    1. I wondered where that was!
    2. Try and clean up a little:)


  17. Just became a follower!:)


  18. Yah! Putting my feet up and blog hopping today. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win :)

  19. OMG...I have a real weakness for crafts that look like the household stuff that surrounds me so this little washing machine catch-all is SO DARN cute!! I need to make one of those!
    So my answers to your questons are:
    1. First thing I abougt when I enter a room is how dirty or clean it is.
    2. First thing I do after entering that room is ignore the mess! LOL!

  20. Cute little catch all! :) Hmm... I think about how hot or cold the room is when I walk in. I walk around the room and see everything when I first get into a room.

  21. I'm from Colombia and my name is lucila ortega, in my country do not celebrate this day, I want to win my first award for scrap, the activity that is hate cooking and do not speak English sorry for the translation, the first in a room in the illuminated and the second touch the bed to see if you comfortable

  22. This is so cute! And so creative! I also don't check the pockets before I throw thing in the washer. Maybe I should because few months ago I washed my daughter's iPod!

  23. Such a great idea! That really is brilliant! I keep all money too!

  24. Depends on the room really...
    1> The first thing I notice is the space - is it cluttered or spacious?
    2> The first thing I do is... navigate around the hazards!

    PS - your washing machine box is uber-cute and it would be perfect for gathering all the 'treasures' that end up in my daughter's pockets!

  25. Great ideas!!!

    1. When entering a room...I think what I notice is ,is there clutter?
    2. If there is...I try to find ways to get rid of it... And hopefully it is my

    I became a follower...

  26. I love your creative idea for a laundry catch all, very cleaver.

    When I enter a room I think - "Who's here?" then I smile and say "Hello" (or holler in the house-Is anyone home?!)

    I became a follower.

  27. Your project is amazingly cute and functional--will definitely have to try making one!

    Thoughts when entering a room: "what is that (lovely) (awful) (weird) (animal) (food) smell?" I always notice smells immediately. I know--strange!

    Thoughts just after entering: "Where is the place I should sit?"

  28. Love the washing machine! That is sooo super adorable! What a great way to recycle an empty box!

    I am a follower of your blog!

    Entering a room: What is out of place?
    After entering: How fast can I get this picked up enough to be presentable? lol

  29. I am now a follower of your great blog! That washing machine is just too darn cute! Donna Woods Fiskateer 6036

  30. I am assuming you mean a room in my house? I look for things that are out of place and put tem away. (If I am having a bad Fibromyalgia day, I walk quickly through that room to go lay down in my bedroom...

  31. Awesome project!! Right now I am thinking how can I keep my toddler from climbing!!! He is climbing big time!! He climbed a stool.. To get onto a chair... Then he climbed the dining table and then tried jumping!!! He is already turning into a terrible!!! He is 21 months!! I love him!! Hmm.... The first thing... Clean or not.... Bring in the blinds..curtains!!! Am a follower now!!

  32. Thank you for sharing!! I'm a follower! When I enter a room I think not again and the first thing I do is sit down! :)

  33. Your project is fantastic, I'm i'm thinking i need to make one! We tend to have quite a few treasures.

    Depends on the room, but I'll go with the living room.

    My first thougt: "Oh no, it snowed again."
    Between our two male dogs they defluff thier toys for fun, leaving the fluff "snow" behind. It's a constant chore.
    I usually watch tv, and clean up about twice a day. If I try to clean up snow everytime I go in there I'd go nuts.

  34. Your washing machine project is great! You really did a wonderful job!

  35. When I walk in a room what do I think? "What did I come in here for?"

    Then what do I do? Turn around and go back to where I came from so I can remember what I was going to do!

    Thanks for being in the hop!

  36. The first thing I do when I enter a room is realize that I should have picked up that mess earlier!
    I just walk back out and ignore it, lol!!!
    I became a follower, thanks for being a part of the blog hop!

  37. Super duper cute Michelle I love how u alter a tissiu box and make into something so cool!!!(I alter a box the other day in case u want to see it here is the link )
    And the answer to your question is....depents in the room really
    My kids room ....I check to see how big of amess they made .....and then just wait for nigth time and make then pick it up =)
    Other people room ....How they decorated ...just think is I like it or not if I would love any in my own home )
    Yu know I'm your follower

  38. I love, I have to make on, mmmm, what can I put the tissues in, lol. The first thing I think about when I walk in a room is it needs cleaned up, then I usually walk through it, I hate cleaning I have to say, even though it needs to be done. Thanks for such a great idea. I am a new follower.

    Marcy S.
    m dot serrano at live dot com

  39. when entering a room I think OMG what do I have to clean up in here
    then I do it
    hopping along

  40. I became a follower of your blog. What a great idea for a catch all! Such a cute project. The first thing I think about when I walk in a room is how messy it is and then I sit down to look it over!

  41. I can't think, it's 2:00 in the morning and I'm recovering from surgery! LOL. I do love your project, it's sooo cute. I'm a follower of your blog. ;-)
    stampinlara at yahoo dot com

  42. I love your project! Especially the clothes on the front of the washing machine. What a great idea! First thing I do is see if the room is dirty or clean and compare it to my house. Second thing I do is look at the photos or art on the walls! I'm a follower!

  43. cute idea, very creative thanks for sharing.. met you on the hop I am a new follower too~

  44. Such a cute and practical idea! I always find stuff in the laundry. My fav is money, but I already have a "catch-all" for that, it's called my purse, LOL!

  45. OK, So it is time to pick a WINNER!

    27 of you answered the Questions, required for the prize...