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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Scrap Space in the works!

I am not sure if I had mentioned this before or not. I have had an ever-changing space. The room I use holds many functions: office, guest room, scrap area & catch all. Our home computer is in the room and the bill paying/filing happens there too! Since it is the only room on our living area that we can move and stash projects, laundry, piles of mail, etc. and shut the door; at a moments notice when guest stop by. The catch all part has been the biggest challenge!
So, the last time we had guests stay over was two years ago. The 1st year of no guest brought up the question of removing the futon from the room. I was pregnant and my husband was contemplating putting our expected son in the room. I really didn't want to have him downstairs and the rest of us upstairs. So, the futon stayed where it was as the catch all spot. So, today I had enough and the catch all got cleared for the third time in 3 months! But this time it was getting moved! I still have more work to do, but I am happy to have the space. It is still an office/scrap space. Here is the progress so far:
This shelf has always housed my albums and various scrapping supplies. I did do a little reorganizing since I added a few more albums to the collection.
This lower shelf is right next to the above photo. I have all my inks, some stamps, seasonally sorted papers, punches, tools, glitter and embossing powders here. 
The next two sections are getting worked on yet!
Finally here is the space that the futon occupied! It is a work in progress but I am happy with the start! At least now if the dogs come in and lay down behind me. I won't trip on them anymore!

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