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Friday, April 17, 2015

Liftateers, Week #6 - Bell Island Hockey Tournament

This week we had a awesome layout to start from...

I loved how the title came out...
My son is Number 10 in the White jersey!

Using some extra arrows for journaling and adding in the different teams they played.

Here is a full shot of the 1st page.
That guy in the hoodie is my husband coaching my son on the bench and giving the goalie some tips. He played as a goalie back in his time on the ice.

I had more pictures to use so I made mine into a 2 page LO.

Here is some close up details of the 2 pages next to each other.

Page 2 full shot. I noticed my "a" slipped a bit. Need to add the two other teams they played.

2 pages together...the only one I cropped down also!

Here is the layout we were given to lift this week. Found On designed by NichyRae.

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