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for my creativity. Of course, my family benefits from it too.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sometimes not getting the chance to get in your Craft Room is a good thing!

Well yesterday I posted that I needed to get in my craft room...

I got the chance to make a quick card yesterday afternoon. It ended up being a Christmas card all because I found a cute stamp I had! I still need to add the sentiment but it is finished otherwise.

I was hoping to get to a few other cards I started but never finished for Fiskateers - Card Lifters.

SO, today I had to get a birthday card made for a gathering this afternoon.

I am in love with this card...I think nature themed card are so fun to do!
I find that these cards are where my layering and creativity come out the most!

READY to SEE what I did? OK, in a minute...

I use my old cell phone as my MP3 player for music in my craft room.
While I was building the card I took pictures with that old phone as I went. That way you can see the layers and steps.

I will be posting the steps later in another post. Since I got a party to get to!!!!