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Friday, September 27, 2013

I have been MIA (Missing In Action) in my Craft Room.

Well the start of the School Year for me has been CRAZY!
When I thought that I would have the chance to get to craft more....It has been the totally opposite for everything!!!!

On the POSITIVE side:
*  The weather has been beautiful for Newfoundland.
*  My daughter is in two dance classes and continuing with her guitar lessons.
*  There is more time for my son with me. Plus, added Playgroup meeting times.
*  Full days of school - I got a 1st Grader now!
*  I got a visit from my Aunt for two-weeks!
*  Yoga classes that fit our schedule and I can attend regularly!

So the craziness of the start of school, I guess is something we all go through...
*  1st grade is a big adjustment from half-day Kindergarten

SO, my to-do list is piling up.....

  • I would have had my house decorated already for Fall - still not done (still have my Red, White & Blue up)
  • Camper would be almost winterized - we pulled her back from camping and parked her in the yard. I emptied out the fridge/freezer, dirty clothes and that's about it! 
  • My son's birthday just past and it was like a whirl-wind since all the extra activities started the same week.
  • I haven't got in my Craft Room often enough!!!
  • Recipes to try or plan have not been done!
  • My bag for my Scrapbooking Retreat is totally empty - I would have started planning and putting my papers/pictures together.
  • Dust is building up again!
  • I have posted on my blog lately! - Usually try to at least once a week!
  • I haven't got in my Craft Room other than making a card or two!
So, I feel that a bit has calm down...
BUT that means the pressure is on and it is time to get busy!!!
I am lucky that the rain has finally arrived and it has been back to the norm weather for Newfoundland.
FALL is now officially wise and even on the calendar!

Now, to my Newfie Scrappy friends...
There is a few spaces now open at the upcoming retreat. Below is the details. Contact me if you want more info.

  • Lavrock center
  • This years Fall Retreat will be at the Lavrock centre from Nov 1-3. The cost of the Retreat is $135.00. It includes two nights accommodations and meals for the three days.

    At present we have people signed up for this retreat with their deposits paid. So if you want to guarantee you scrap table get your deposit to me asap:) The lavrock center only holds 25-27 maximum.

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