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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pulling Daddy's Heart Strings

I was excited for this challenge...This is actually the last challenge given at If It's Groovy!!!! Deb, Thanks to all your hard work and having me be apart of it!
I had tucked away an over-sized handmade card my daughter, Becky made for Valentine's that she gave to her Dad. It got a bit wrinkled and abused, but it was packed up for 3 years. Finally, I got the inspiration after reading the challenge titled "Heartstrings" and I knew I had to do a 2 page layout so... 
It just fit so perfect, Becky has him by the heartstrings! Like he says often, "There is no female that any man can love like his daughter. No matter what she does in her life he will love her unconditionally!" 

I wanted Becky's artwork to show, so simple and clean it is! Cutting a bit off center so her hand traced prints were still together but split. 

I pulled out my old Sizzix machine and the Sidekick. I cut a Sizzlet border, Heart Lace. After I cut out the 2 Heart Lace borders I added "strings to each of the connecting hearts.

 Using an old popped snowtube I cut out the title with Dot Numbers on the Sizzix. 

Added the title, "Pulling Daddy's Heart Strings." Since Daddy was already on the card, I added the "'s" and the card was already Heart-shaped the title came together.

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