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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cabinet Peek A Boo

I had such fun doing this page! Mainly because it is one of those chances you get to see a bit of yourself in your child. 

Cabinet Peek A Boo was one of my things to do as a child. My son got some of me in him! These photos even show the resemblance too! Of course, my scanner is not working! BUT I did get the picture off my Mom of myself as a child hiding in the cabinets. AND after I get the chance to remember the picture and stop by a place to print it out. I WILL BE doing a Mom/Son page!

I made a little cabinet to place my journaling about all the above. 

The only difference between his hiding cabinet and mine as a child was he found a pretty empty cabinet. We just had bare necessities from our move. My cabinet as a child was the can goods cabinet. So for me to hide I had to remove some cans making my spot pretty obvious!

I layered coordinating paper scraps with 2 full sheets from a Making Memories Travel Paper pack. Cut out some pots, pans and kitchen items that were in my son's cabinet of choice. Torn and rolled up the edge of green paper. Also stamped out the title in the same paper. Using foam tape I popped up even other letter to give it some dimension.  

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