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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gratitude - Mid-year: Week Three

Something I need to remind myself of. One or the main reasons I started this....This week was the most challenging to date on the gratitude thoughts....We still have great weather so it has been even crazier!

Gratitude-Mid-year: Week Three:
Sunday August 21st - I am grateful to get out and meet some new paper-crafting friends!
Monday August 22nd - I am grateful to have sunshine on me!
Tuesday August 23rd - I am grateful for the freedom I have in the countries I lived!
Wednesday August 24th - I am grateful for the playdate today and tired out kids!
Thursday  August 25th - I am grateful to have family that can just pop in unannounced!
Friday August 26th - I am grateful for the opportunities to date with my paper-crafting hobby!
Saturday August 27th - I am grateful for another beautiful day and being able to see my kids run around in the sprinkler!

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