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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fiskateers Lift Off! Online Crop Challenges - Day 2

Lift Off! Online Crop Challenges

Challenge #1: Simon Says
This is my second time playing! Fun and Challenging because you don't know the plan or layout. There are steps and they are given out after everyone says READY to move on!

Here were the details, which lead me to this page. Finally PAGE Picture is after directions.

Simon Says Round Two 
Step One
Take 3 of your patterned papers and cut them in half length-wise. Set the one half aside for later. The 3 that have been cut you should not turn them into 2" pieces. If you are scrapbooking 12x12 your pieces will be 2x6. If you are scrapboking smaller sizes, adjust to the sizes you are working with. Once you have them all cut, layer them across the bottom of your paper, alternating each of the 2" pieces until each has been used and adhered to the bottom of your page. 

Step Two 
With one of the uncut two patterned papers, cut a 4x4 square out of one as well as a 5" border, any width you choose. Punch that border with your border punch or cut with your scissors any way you choose should you not have a punch. Attach the 4x4 square to the right and above your layered pieces. Once you have created the borders, lay them across the 4x4 and attach. 

Step Three 
With one of the 6" papers you began with cut a 5" border, but it needs to be smaller in width than the one you cut in step 2. Punch a hole at each end with your hole punch. Thread a piece of ribbon into each hole and attach this border on top of the first border you created. 

Step Four 
With the last of your uncut patterned paper cut a 6x6 square. With one of the 6" pieces you have left create a 4x4 square to attach on the inside of the 6x6. If you have a pic to use, make a very small mat from on the of the 6" pieces you started with and have on reserve. Attach your pic in that big square you just made and attach it to the left of your page, above the layers on the bottom. 

Step Five
Cut a little hand cut tag out of one of your scraps and punch a hole in the top. With one of the 6" pieces you reserved in step one, turn it over and with your handwriting in cursive write one word backwards that describes your pic. Cut it out and turn it over. You now have a title for your page :). Attach the little tag with a piece of ribbon to your word and adhere it under your pic. 

Step Six 
With any of the papers you have left fussy cut a few things out and layer them around your square on the left to add interest. Go to the right corner of your layout and roll it down some. Think of a worn out book. 
Tadah! You are done and need to upload so we can all see :) 

Challenge #5: Lift USX User

GroovyDeb's Example:

Starting Inspiration: Tara #4402

Here is Mine:

Challenge #7: Lift Someone with Your NameHere is my pick Michelle #3624

Here is mine:
Since I needed a Birthday Card. After I started I found that I need to stock up my Birthday embellishments!

Challenge #9: Lift a Liftateer
Sue in CT

Here is mine:

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  1. Hi Mish!

    What a fun challenge this sounds like! I remember you sent me the info on the Fiskars group and I've been so busy I haven't had the chance to pop in, but I am planning on it! And I will let them know you recommended me too. Your projects are so cute! You did a wonderful job on all of them. The bread one has so much detail, even down to the little letters being bread shaped, wow! Hope your having a great week!