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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let the crazy extended weekend commence!

Well, I am posting this a day too late! But got my truck back yesterday after she spent the night in the shop. Because she needed an unexpected steering shaft replacement. Gerry worked Friday night and is working now! So, last nights layout and crop with friends was out for me! :-(
Becky's 4th Birthday party is this Sunday and Monday my kitchen is being ripped out! Oh, and Tuesday we have the family party for Becky and of course, Gerry is working that night, fun! Wednesday, which is Becky actual Birthday I have my neighbor's daughter and we were going to do some baking and party then too! So, one crazy to the next!

On a good note, I have my 1st class today about Genealogy! I am excited to finally start, especially since I have been wanting to take this course for the last 4 years it has been offered. When I first saw it I was Pregnant with Becky, next time there was conflicts on dates, third time it didn't run, and the last session I was pregnant and due with Luke. So, I finally got a chance.... Anyway, I am hoping to get pass the ancestors I am stuck on. I gathered up info. from mom and talked to my great uncle (the oldest/last in the family). I do have to chat with others on my mom's side, but I got a good amount to go on there so far. I also was working on Gerry's side too! So, that is a whole other ball game.

Well, nothing new as far as scrapping, but I do have a card swap coming up. I am sure some more challenges I can find too!

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