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Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Bunch of Celebrations today!

Canada was Going for the GOLD in Men's Hockey in the Winter Games! We had Power Skating in the morning! Which I thought was pretty cool that the kid's were on the ice as the Canadian team was play for GOLD! After we had a Birthday Party to attend! My daughter's Birthday to celebrate!

So, I had already made my daughter's card awhile back as the Fiskafriends - Card Lift #1.

Here is the card I made for today's birthday party. Which by the way was Jake and the Neverland Pirates Themed. Pretty cool since Canada was working for the GOLD too!

Made a plank, but hoping no one would be made to walk the plank! The paper I used was a bit thin for the embossing not to break around the frame I made. So, by adding another piece and running it through helped. Also, didn't know until I watched a YouTube video that cardstock/paper has a grain. That is how you get the whitecore to show depending on the direction you place your paper through the machine. If I can find the link I will add it in here!

So, I had fun with the play on Canada's GOLD/Pirate GOLD/Movie GOLD! Loved that I had a parrot on this image too since Rio 2 is coming out!

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