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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SANDY and NJ Shore....

I have heard from some of my family last night. They still had power and phone service. Tried today and was not able to get through on home numbers nor cell phones. So, I am guessing there are down Cell Towers too!

The link is to a photo of Rt. 37 heading to the Mathis Bridge over to Seaside. Our house is about 7 blocks from this location.

Route 37 - Mathis Bridge Flooding

Pic below is of the rising water levels. Water has never been that close to the bridge.

Seaside Bridge - Monday water levels before Sandy hit

Here are some pictures of the Seaside Boardwalk which was only about 5 miles from our home. Seaside is on a Barrier island which is covered with water. News coverage had the NJ Governor stating that he could not even land with a helicopter.

Casino Pier Damage

Funtown Pier Damage

Lavalette is a town that flooded. It is were my husband and I got married. The town in located next to Seaside Heights on the same Barrier island.

Lavalette Flooding Video

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