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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Soccer Girl - Season 2 begins

Over at If It's Groovy, My Girl's Soccer Layout is up!
Deb, couldn't have picked a better day to post it! Yesterday was Becky's 1st day to this years season!
To get the details on how I did the page, head over to check it out!

Here is the story:

My girl in her new soccer gear for Newfoundland. We were heading over to my Parent's house for dinner after just getting our girl's new soccer gear. My Brother-In-Law got her signed up for us, since we would be arriving after sign ups. Our girl (Becky) was so excited. She wanted to wear the gear to my Parent's. We got there and the "Ooh's and Ahh's" were given! Then Grandma went to get her camera. Such a long wait for a 4 year old....which it did eventually turn out to be a long wait. Since Grandma's camera batteries were dead! The last picture she is sitting on the soccer ball saying, "Come on already!" But that's how I got to get the pictures of our girl being.....Becky!

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