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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Slam into Summer Blog Hop - Day 4

Your back for Day 4!!!

Welcome to the Slam into Summer Blog Hop-Day 4! You should have arrived here after visiting HEATHER'S blog, Scrapping The Guys
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We here at If It's Groovy plan to show you projects over the next three more days that make us think of Summer. 
We hope you enjoy your time and be sure to visit over each day as there may be new surprises along the way! 
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Here in Newfoundland Summer is just peeking through Spring here and there.
We got a great year to see icebergs as they drifted by and experienced a number that got caught on the ocean's floor during low tides.
Here are a few pictures of our sights....

This once our first view of the iceberg back in April on the 22nd!

Then when my mom was coming to visit we went back over the check on that same iceberg 
on May 13th!

Mom arrived at night on May 19th and they next day we when over to show her. She was on a quest to see as many as possible during her visit.

So, My Mom did visit on the best time. She got to see 4 large icebergs during her visit. My family with an iceberg in the background.

 This was at the edge of the harbor in our town.

On a trip as they say here, "Around the Bay" we got more views.

 Loved this one. Hubby said, it looks like a long liner (Fishing boat)

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I will be having a prize!
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WE are going to make a Summer Bucket List.
So, give us some Summer ideas to add!
Our family has hubby, a 5 year old, an almost 3 year old & me!
So we already got the s'mores supplies, bubbles & water guns/balloons stocked! 

Just in case you missed anyone OR just stopped by here is the Slam into Summer Blog Hop Roll: 
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Since I am the caboose:
"You made it to the end, Happy Summer!"


  1. Awesome pics Michelle! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

    Taking an empty milk jug today, hammering nails into the lid and then filling jug with water. Will be a watering can for the boys to water flowers with! Saw the idea on Pinterest and loved it because we go through at least 4-5 gallons of milk a week and this way we can upcycle the jugs!

  2. Great idea Heather! Thank you for sharing these COOL summer pictures. I have never seen anything like this "live", how exciting.

  3. I loved seeing the transformation of that iceberg! Beautiful! You can check my pinboard under kids crafts, I have a TON of ideas pinned for kids. I have grandkids 7 & 8, but their are ideas for all ages. Love Penny Here's a link, If you don't belong to Pinterest, let me know and I'll send you a invite, it's a free service.

  4. I can't believe you can see ice bergs! Thanks for the great photos!!

  5. These pictures are gorgeous and I would love to see something like this in person! You Mom really did have good timing.

    Sometimes summer weather disappoints us, so bring the fun inside. Have the kids slice a banana into a bowl (like a banana split), add a broken up Hershy bar on top, then sprinkle with mini marshmallows. Pop it in the microwave at 50% for 50 seconds. It's great as it is or add a touch of whipped cream. If you are lucky enough to go camping, put the banana (or canned peaches) in a foil, add the chocolate and marshmallows and place over the coals of your fire or BBQ for about 5 minutes. When the chocolate and marshmallows are melted, it is done. This is the original idea and it is called a banana boat or peach delight. Ummmmmm good!

  6. Wow! These pics are amazing! And yes, that iceberg did look like a speedboat, lol

  7. Cool pics! Hey I have never seen a real iceberg other than on TV, so very neat picture!!!