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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fiskateers Spring Blog Hop

Welcome to the Fiskateers Spring Blog Hop!
Michelle's Blog - Fiskateer #7586'
***You should have come from Tami #804*** 
 If you are hopping into the middle of our blog hop and you are a Fiskateer, you can start here
If you are thinking a “Fiskawhat?”, you should know that Fiskateers ( is an online community of craftiness (paper crafts, sewing, gardening, etc.) all based around our love and appreciation of Fiskars (think orange-handled scissors to start).  There is a blog, gallery, and message board led by four lovely Lead Fiskateers who along with the other Fiskateers are fabulous at getting creativity flowing via chats, challenges, on-line crops, and interviews with other crafty celebrities.  If you would like to join in the inspiration of Fiskateers, or would like to learn more, click on this link to get started. You will have fun & get inspiration! Then, join in the fun at the beginning, for a complete list of blog hop stops.

Since there is still snow/ice on the ground here in Newfoundland, Canada. This NJ Girl is looking for some warmer weather! Here is my Spring Inspired Card.
Fiskars Products:
For the Birds - Clear Stamps
Threading Water - Border Punch

I loved that the For the Birds Stamp Set had the word "inspire" on it! My Girl, Becky has been inspired by her Grandmother & Aunt! They love to go for nature walks and look for/at the different birds. Becky just got a Newfoundland Bird Guide from her Aunt for her adventures here in Newfoundland. Now, I just got to get her Aunt here to explore with her!

How I created the card:
Using a wide Brown Grosgrain Ribbon I made the tree. Attached to my patterned paper wrapping the extra behind and then attaching to my card base. Cut another piece of ribbon, angling the one cut for the end of a branch. Folded over the side closest to the tree and used glue dots to hold the folds. Giving the branch some dimension. 
Stamped my bird on Hollyhock Cardstock using the matching ink and fussy cut. I distressed the edges of the bird to give her some life then inked the edges. Cut out a 2" circle using handmade Mulberry Paper. Cut the circle in half and frayed the edges for the nest. Attached the nest to the bird in layers and popped up the bird using foam squares. Punched and inked my border, for the ground/grass. Stamped my sentiment.

Hope you enjoyed my little Spring inspired bird!

I also made a tag...Not sure how I want to use it yet! But my brother is getting married and his girl(future SIL) has been shopping for a dress. So, I was inspired.

Here is a shot with the blue background. Shows a bit brighter!

I used a little shimmer paper.
Fiskars Products:
Threading Water - Border Punch
Wedding (Cloud 9 Design/Fiskars) - Clear Stamps

I was going for a Bridal Shop I just have to see if I want to make them a card or if Christine(future SIL) got pics of picking out her dress. I can do a page! 

We’ll be hopping all weekend , March 24th  and 25th  to welcome Spring!  The blog hop officially ends on Sunday March 25th at 11pm CST. 
Some Fiskateers are offering sur-prizes…check their directions carefully to participate.***So, here is the details for mine.
I will be having a little RAK for you:
1. Leave me a comment about your favorite SPRING inspiration.
2. I would love if your not a follower of my blog to follow along. 
3. If your a Fiskateer already and have a blog. Tell me your Fiskateer name/number and blog address. So, I can add you to my Fiskateers BlogRoll (Check the sidebar, you may be there already!) 
I have a collection of embellies/ribbon/etc. with Fiskars in mind.
I will have my assistant pick the RAK sometime on Monday, March 26th! 
Winner will be posted here Monday and on Fiskateers site on Tuesday, March 27th!
***Thanks for hopping by! Hope you enjoyed what I have to show you!…Next stop is Divinity #6688***


  1. Hope spring comes to you soon! Love your card...that mulberry paper is a great nest! Thanks for being a Fiskateer blog stop this weekend!

  2. Spring inspiration would definately be all the bright colors & smells. adorable card & great idea for your ribbon as the branch, very clever. sending love from new zealand & thanks for the chance to win. Kerri #1017

  3. What a fun cad! I think my inspiration right now has to be the yellow of the daffodils. I am a fellow fiskateer -

    here is my blog

  4. Thanks for being part of the HOP! Love the card. Flowers are always my fave spring inspiration.

  5. i love how you have used the grosgrain ribbon for the tree and branch! what a great idea!!! i may just have to steal it LOL!
    i am tara #4402 and my bolg is

  6. I love your card,the bird,the tree and the colours,
    My favorite at springtime is,flowers, birds singing and the beauiful sun shine.

  7. What a lovely card's so nice to see these SPRING's Autumn over here in Australia


  8. creative card. i really like the up-turned ribbon as a branch. neat idea. here in sc we are already moving into summer like weather. thanks for including me in your Fiskateer blog list. i'm very honored.

  9. What a neat idea! Very creative!

  10. cute card...........I'm a fiskateer #3903 but have let my blog fall thru the cracks with moving recently. I love gardening & with having a new home I am so inspired to start making my own beauty out there this spring!

  11. Great card!
    I am a Fiskateer!

  12. Cute card I love the nest! Thanks for joining us on the blog hop!

  13. I think when I see the flowers beging to stick their heads out...I love the feeling it gives me of newness. It happens quite early here in the south. So I'm wishing y'all a bit of spring soon. I'm a follower and my Fiska name n # ar Jazzyjess49 #5319. I do have a blog, but I'm not very good at keeping up with it. Thanks for the chance to follow your creativity. I love the nest!
    Hugs, Jessica

  14. I'm sorry you still have snow and cold, but your card and "door" are perfect to add some spring warmth. Bird watching can carry a person to new friendships all over the world and I'm glad you are encouraging your daughter. Take time to give it a try with her since her Aunt isn't there, and you may find it only takes a few moments to create a bond that lasts for life, no matter what else happens, or where you are.

    My spring inspiration is watching our trees fill with buds and turn green with new life. I'm already a follower Michelle and my blog is

  15. I love hearing the birds sing in my early morning quiet time.

  16. My favorite spring inspiration is all the gorgeous flowers. I am now a blog follower of yours. Marla H. #3291

  17. Wonderful projects. I hope you thaw out soon. My spring inspiration is always flowers. I am a sucker for them. Thanks for sharing your projects

  18. Thanks All!
    I hear you Sandy....My biggest problem is get to explore with my girl without my 2 year old BOY (I mean ALL BOY - Sound Effects, Loud, Active Play at never-ending speed and precision)
    Starting to see some green so we will get out soon!

  19. I love the way you used ribbon to make the tree! So creative! My favorite spring inspiration is the flowers blooming in my garden.

  20. Great use of the border punch. Great projects.

    Flowers and rain are my favorite Spring inspiration! :)

    Fiskateer #6361

  21. Great projects! I find myself using lots of birds and butterflies and flowers! Thanks for more ways to use them!
    Suzi #5563

  22. Very cute projects! Love the birds holding the rings on your tag. It makes a very sweet and elegant door. The card is adorable, too. Love what you did with the ribbon!

  23. Your projects are really cute!
    Victoria #2766

  24. sweet card! and just love your "Bridal Shop Door" tag :) Beautiful!
    Vicky #7622

  25. Really,cute,now another idea for that mulberry paper!Favorite spring thing,Flowers and birds.TY for the hop.

  26. Great card...I like using ribbon on my cards and love how you did yours with the bird. I like to see the spring crocuses starting to pop up.

  27. I love both your card and your tag. I am a follower now as well. I am a fiskateer. But I do not have a blog yet. My inspiration for spring is the trees blooming. The beautiful colors the leaves turn is stunning to me. Thanks for sharing your projects with us.

  28. I love the nest you made for your bird. Great card!
    I became a follower.
    My favorite spring inspiration is seeing the daffodils bloom.

  29. I love them both! Congrats to your brother! Birds really make me think of spring and I find them inspiring as you may know already since they are showing up on my blog quite often for someone who doesn't have any as a pet...LOL. I already am your follower and you already have me.

  30. Michelle I really like how you turned the ribbon into a tree! Clever!

    Good luck to the bride and groom to be :)

    Happy Spring!

  31. oh my gosh! I totally love that lil nest!!! great job!!!!
    if you want to add my blog to your fiska blog roll it's i'm fiskateer #5926!

  32. Very cute bird card. Would not have thought to use ribbon to make the tree. Great idea.

  33. I love anything with birds - love how you did your tree.

  34. Lovely tag and I really like how you made the tree and nest for your bird card. I am a follower.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

    1. I forgot to mention my favorite spring inspiration is all the colors on spring flowers.

  35. Michelle,

    You did a beautiful job on your card. I really liked the bird and the bird's nest. Even if you decide not to give the other card to you brother and future SIL, you could probably use it on a LO.

    My greatest spring inspiration is having the days get longer. Here in AZ we don't participate in Daylight Savings Time, so we have to do it the old fashioned way and just wait a minute or two each day. In the last week we have just started to notice that the days are long enough we feel like we aren't missing out on part of the day!

    I am a follower and I see that I am on you blog roll. Thank you for keeping that up to date.

  36. Love your cards! I'm a fussy cutter too so I appreciate your efforts there. The way you used the ribbon and mulberry paper hgreat. I'll be borrowing that idea! Thanks! My favorite Spring inspiration is all the birds that nest in my treeline. Such beautiful colors. I'm signing up to follow you. Hope you will follow me too.
    Pamela #8040

  37. Love your tag and card. My favourite spring inspiration is when it is warm enough to open the windows and get some fresh air in the house finally. After a Canadian winter it is always welcome. Next would be the pretty little crocuses, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. And like Marianne said those days getting long is pretty fine too!
    Elaine #7777

  38. I love what you do with mulberry paper-that nest is perfection.I don't know if you can call it inspiration,but watching my mini-doxie chase butterfly shadows certainly makes me happy!

  39. awww, i love how you created the tree with ribbon!!! FabUlous! and your assistant is adorable. :D

  40. Super cute card and pretty tag Michelle!!! Love the texture of your bird nest and tree - thank you for the inspiration, will have to try that on my next bird card :) As for your tag - I wish you luck on getting a photo, it would be perfect for a layout!!!

    It is Autumn down here in Australia, and just like in the Springtime, we have lots of flowers in the garden, just different ones throughout the year. I love the colours, shapes and textures, always a source of crafty inspiration :)

  41. I am a huge fan of mulberry paper! Love your birds and nest! My favorite spring inspiration is hearing birds singing in the morning.

  42. Love the bird in the nest and how you used the ribbon as part of the tree, Great card. I also enjoy the pretty tag. All the beautiful flowers are my favorite springtime inspiration. Thanks for sharing your projects and for being in the Blog Hop. Lisa #4791

  43. Love that bird nest!

    For spring I get inspired by botanical themes - birds, nests, birdcages, flowers, leaves, long as they are on paper. I don't really do the whole outdoors/nature thing. :o)

    - Tifany #5942
    {Already on your blog roll...and I am a follower.}

  44. All the green in the spring inspires me!

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. First of all, love the name of your blog. Scrapbooking saves my sanity too!
    I am really inspired by birds and nests lately, so your projects were just right for me! Your nest looks great!
    My blog is:
    and I plan on following yours right now....
    -Tanya #5407-

  47. So cute! I love seeing the sun in the spring, since we usually don't see it much during the winter! Also the new flower popping up! I am a follower!