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Monday, July 14, 2014

Elements to a great "Little Boy Mug Shot"

Here is a page a did of my son!

Elements to this Great Page
1. A T-Shirt that really suits my boy.
2. Pictures that after the developing gave me unintentional inspiration. (Mug Shots came to mind!)
3. Cute paper found that fit the little boy but still worked with mug shots!
4. Busy Little Boy to journal and scrap!

Who said What:
Parrot: Be on the look out! squawk
Turtle: He is on the move!
Gorilla: They say that my baby face is what let's me get out of trouble!
Giraffe: Take Notes
Monkey: Check out the side profiles for future references.
Zebra: There is no stopping him! All Points Bulletin is out!
Elephant: I think the shirt says it all!
Crocodile/Alligator: Keep him out of the kitchen if you can!

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