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Monday, May 12, 2014

Retreat: getting to cruise!

I started working on my Cruise pages from our Honeymoon as soon as I got the pictures developed back in 2005. But as I was going through I found that I was missing pictures. We had taken two cameras with us, actually (3) one was a disposable underwater type. So with a 35mm in one of our hands and the other got the digital camera there were a number of pics. I had all the digital pics organized and ready to go but the 35mm were missing, so I stopped working on the album. I did plan the page layouts and grouped what I had together so I was ready to go once I had all pics in hand. Well, it has been almost 8 years now in the works! I think it is about time to get this one done!

Here are the first two pages that were completed in the album. I used hybrid (the term at that time) scrapbooking for the 1st opening page. Mixing some digital scrapbooking elements with traditional scrapbooking.

Next page I had already completed was: 

Here is the beginning of all created at the retreat. This happens to be the adjoining page (to above) I worked on and finished at the retreat:

Since this was our 1st "True" Cruise I never took too many pictures of the ship...Just enjoyed the experience! We did take to cruise to the Bahamas from Florida. It was a great start to the vacation and a little taste of cruising. My husband claims were going to go on another Cruise for our 10 year Anniversary! I told him, "Well you better get busy! Because our 10 year is only a year and a few months away!" Meanwhile I was thinking I needed to do the same with this album!

The first day we were at sea. So, we checked out the ship and didn't get too many pictures. We were on the Explorer of the Seas, which had mini-golf, basket court, pools, clubs, casino, different dining, shows & ice skating rink.

Our Dining Pic: We did bring more dresser outfits. But, only ate in formal dining twice but enjoyed the buffet style dining best. Mainly, because you can come when you want and didn't have to ready for a specific seating time.

The two pages together:

So, quickly it seems to get to Day 3: Belize. We did a cave tubing excursion...those pics I used a waterproof camera during the excursion. Of course, I forgot to pack those pics for the retreat. So, I only got the "Cruise Compass" page competed. I used the Cricut - Pack Your Bags Cartridge to make the swim husband forgot to pack his so we did a little shopping on the ship.

More to come..........

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