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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fiskateers CHA Summer Online Crop 2013

Here is a list of all the challenges if you want to play you have until the 28th to post your projects! Sorry for the white/grey blocking...I cut and pasted the info!

Below the Challenges I will be posting what I created as I go along this week!

In the late ‘80’s, These crime avenging turtles took the world by storm, storm sewer that is and have so much inspiration to offer. Your Challenge is to create a project using a title from their soundtrack below AND include all the colors of their bandanas: red, Purple, Blue & Orange!
1. Coming out of our Shells      2. Sing about it      3. Tubin’
4. Skipping Stones                    5. Pizza Power        6. Walk Straight
7. No Treaties                           8. Cowabunga         9.  April Ballard
10. Count on Us 
Webster's Pages has us inspired to dig into the 80's dictionary of popular pages and pull out some words and phrases that were popular then. You might remember your own, but we've also made a list of some of the most recognizable.

Take a Chill Pill                  Sike                        What 'chu Talkin' "Bout?                 I Kid You Not     
Bombdigity                         The 411                  B.F.F. or L.Y.L.A.S.                            Bad to the Bone    
Boy Toy                                Ditz                         Dweeb                                               Gnarly     
Just Say No                         Party Hardy     Preppy    

Use one of these words in your project. It can be a title, a sentiment on a card, or included in your journaling. (Close up of the journaling required for photo in gallery).

It's no secret that women's fashion of the 80's involved the resurgence of shoulder pads. Let that be the inspiration for this challenge, which is to include something dimensional and padded on your project.

Little Yellow Bicycle's new release "Feels Like Home" immediately had me singing Madonna's 1989 hit,  Like  A Prayer....Life is a mystery, Everyone must stand alone, I hear you call my name, and it feels like home. And then of course you can't think of Madonna without thinking of Material Girl. So let's make this challenge inspired by Madonna and her hit Material Girl.
Create a project using material, some sort of metal, and a bit of bling...all of Madonna's favorite thing! Bonus points if your material is leather & lace :) If you're looking for inspiration, Google "Madonna fashion icon" for images of her outfits. 
Here is mine....For this Challenge Madonna's "Lucky Star" video came to mind!
My title with bling, leather, tulle
Complete page

Maya Road, with their love of zippers, has inspiredus to jump back to the popular ‘80’s fashion of Zipper-Legged Jeans! Did you wear them!?! Your Challenge is to create a project that includes a zipper :)  This could be a zipper embellishment, zipper border, zipper in sewing…… Maybe now’s the time to challenge yourself to make an adorable zipper flower! Here’s a couple tutorials for those zipper flowers:,
Did you know gift bags became popular in the 80s?  I can remember how much I loved using (and reusing) them, especially at Christmas.  Make a gift bag using at least 3 Fiskars tools.  We will be extra excited to see some orange on this project. Please identify the Fiskars tools used for us. 
Patrick Swayze stole my heart in 1987 in "Dirty Dancin".  The movie was from the 80s, but took place in 1963 - so you get the best of 2 decades!  Make a "Dirty Dancin'" inspired project. If you need a little refresher, or you have never seen it, you can find out more info here:, OR Please identify how you were inspired for us and link your creation back to this post.
There was a bunch of Dirty Dancing at this off-broadway show/club...

MacGyver was a popular show in the 80s.  Richard Dean Anderson could get himself out of sticky situations using nontraditional items that were made into tools or weapons.  Make a craft project with items that are not traditionally used as crafting items. You can see more about MacGyver here:  
Pick your favorite 80s "Hair Band" Examples:  
Guns n’ Roses          Skid Row              Great White          KISS              Whitesnake
Quiet Riot                Telsa                     Iron Maiden          Dokken          Scorpions
Ratt                         Ozzy Osbourne      Warrant                W.A.S.P.        Bon Jovi
Cinderella                Motley Crue          Def Leppard           Poison
Find a song that you can incorporate some of the song lyrics into a project, layout or card. You can start by using your favorite search engine and input "1980 song lyrics" or enter one of the above bands. 

Something about the cutesy designs of Doodlebug Designs brings out the child in us. This has inspired us to look back at the popular toys of the 80s and challenge you to create a project inspired by one of them. You can use a design element directly from the character or use even use the color combination from their clothing.
Here’s a list to choose from: Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Teddy Ruxpin, Strawberry Shortcake, He-Man, Pound Puppies or My Little Pony.
BasicGrey, what else can be said. Grey is a great neutral to pair with the 80s color trend of NEON brights. Create a project pairing bright neon colors with grey.
May Arts, with all their frilly ribbons and trims, remind us of the Ruffles that trimmed interior design in the ‘80’s with ruffles on pillows, curtains, bedspreads……
Also remember those macramé plant hangings :)
Your Challenge is to create a project with a paper, ribbon or fabric Ruffles OR
use braided twine and beads reminiscent of the macramé art form.

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