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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I started an album with all of the Broadway and theater shows I have been to. Mainly because I would have a bunch of the Playbills stashed away with the ticket stubs. When I first met my husband his was working in NYC. So, we would try to get a night out in the city at least twice a year. Since we lived 80 miles from NYC and he would travel that distance each day. We found some closer theaters to see shows, which added to my collection quickly.

Scrooge was one of the show we saw at a local theater with another couple. I tried to take a few photos but they didn't come out clear. We had snow falling on us at the end of the show, which was a fun experience I didn't expect.

So, a simple way to see those memories was to pull out the Playbills and get scrapping. I cropped the Playbill cover down just to show the theater name and show name. I liked the inside cover better anyway, better graphics for the show title! Pulled out those eyelets that don't get as much use anymore and attched my tickets. Needed a little something else so I added the Producer and Director names. Another cool thing about local theaters, you get to see more shows!!!!

So, pull out your eyelets and attach those tickets....Works great for season ticket holders!!!

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